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Mrs Mia Wallace Posts: 869
Hi All Just wanted to post about my hens in Galway for anyone thinking of going there for their own hens. I had an absolutely brilliant time. Got the train down on Saturday morning and came back on Sunday evening. I'm not able for more than one mad night these days :o0 We stayed in The Imperial Hotel on Eyre Sq which has been recently renovated. I found them brilliant to deal with - I had to do a bit of chopping and changing with the rooms (as you do!) and there was never a problem with them. The rooms were great, they cost €130 per room which I thought was great value. Residents bar was open till about 4am. One of the best parts of the hen party was the time we spent in The Skeff. I booked us all a cocktail making lesson in the afternoon and the girls all loved it. It was great craic and the cocktails were yummy! The staff were brilliant and when we went back to the restaurant for dinner that evening they gave us three pitchers of cocktails on the house. They really looked after us in the restaurant as well and everyone was delighted with how reasonable it was. We didn't bother with a nightclub in the end. We finished the night in The Spanish Arch. There was a live band on who were excellent and we danced our little socks off. It was a great night and Galway served us really really well. So if you're thinking of going for your hens I'd highly recommend it!
Mrstobe10 Posts: 1793
hi I contacted the Skeff but they didnt know anything about the cocktail lesson - who did you deal with? :wv
Mrs Mia Wallace Posts: 869
Hi There, I dealt with Andrew Philips who is the Bar Manager there. Its a fairly new thing they're doing so maybe all the staff aren't aware of it. It was great craic and the two guys who did the demos, Ray & Philip, were lovely. All the girls thought it was a great idea and its nice to have something to do in the afternoon rather than sitting in the pub. Not that theres anything wrong with sitting in the pub :o0 We got some great pics as well. Highly recommend it.
moobear Posts: 1126
Hi Winterbride1976 That is great news as that is where I was thinking of going but I did hear that recently they were not so "Hen" friendly so I was considering another location. I had my heart set on Galway & really didnt want to go somewhere else >:o( Now I am delighted to hear that you had a great weekend & has no problems with getting into places etc :o)ll Cant wait for mine O-O
looey Posts: 624
That sounds like a fab hen!
Mrs Mia Wallace Posts: 869
I was worried about the same thing too but I found them all very hen friendly. The dinner in The Skeff worked well because they are well used to the hen thing. Not sure how we would have worked out in another restaurant as we were a bit noisey but we had no problems in The Skeff. I took my bunny ears off going into Busker Browns but put them back on when I was in there and there was no problems. Same with The Spanish Arch. Can't say about the nightclubs as we didn't go in the end but I reckon if you take the gear off you'll be grand!
Ms Marple Posts: 494
Thanks Winterbride1976 im hoping to have my hens there at the end of Feb. The coctail lesson sounds brilliant :wv