Back from wedding shopping in NYC!!

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mrstee Posts: 927
hi girls, I am just back from my few days in nyc with my mum and wow did we get sorted!! I went to Rk Bridal and i bought my dress :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll its so beautiful and my mum started crying. its a sophia tolli. i feel so nice in it!! :-8 its so hard not to pick a dress in there - OMG what a selection! :eek the staff in there were amazing, i hd a lovely girl called Sheryl helping me and she couldnt have done more! Dress worked out bout €800 cheaper too, even including customs! Will get it in June Then we went to Tiffanys and i got my wedding band! tried on a few but of course went for the full bling! The girl who helped us choose my engagement ring helped me choose this too! how could i not. i am totally in love with it and saved €500 compared to Tiffanys in BT then we were just out walking and we got a huge box of invitations, envelopes, rsvp cards and envelopes and thank you cards for $10 :eek they are so pretty and elegant. need to add a little more to them as i think they are a bit plain at the mo! my mam also managed to pick up her dress in saks, it was half price and she is soooo happy with it. got lovely DKNY handbags for the bm for $20 each! Outlets are the business! great bargains all round really! just cant believe i found my dress and got the other little bits and pieces, its all starting to feel so real! anyone heading to nyc soon and needs and info feel free to pm me! :wv
cmor Posts: 638
Congratulations - some great bargins there!
fluffiesmam Posts: 1470
wow, my credit card started crying when i was reading that!! glad you had such a good time, myself and mam were on about heading out as we were looking at some cheap flights but its so the wrong time for me even to be considering.. so jealous!!
lovelybones Posts: 884
So happy for you, its a great feeling to get your dress sorted :o)ll :o)ll I've ordered my dress from RK too, its a great place for bargains. I love NY :lvs
Silent Bride Posts: 565
Well done, you got some fantastic bargins, delighted you got your dress.
mrstee Posts: 927
thanks girls, just still hard to believe i have my dress, cant wait to see it in june! :o)ll
cheekychick Posts: 95
just pm'd you mistee!
DiamondWife Posts: 1347
just pm'd you Mistee!