Back Pain

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glauchers Posts: 162
Hi Girls, Hope everyone is doing well. I'm not doing so good at the moment :o( . crippled with a displaced pelvis and sciatica. Having pains since I was 11 weeks, but getting worse and worse. Physio realigned it, but still killing me, like a geriatric at times....... Really worried that its going to get worse as opposed to better. Have started pilates too. Has anyone any experience of this and how did it pan out for ye? Could it effect a natural labour if it gets worse? Thanks x
lush11 Posts: 2877
Im 23 weeks and suffering lower back pain for the last month or so. Im like an auld wan sometimes walking around so id be interested in this too. The worst i find is when i am watching telly in bed so im propped up and then i get up. I find it hard to straighten myself. I am hoping it wont affect a natural labour.