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MRS H TO BE Posts: 1410
Are all the mammies who have kiddies going back to school all set? My eldest is going into Senior Infants, only seems like yesterday she started, I swear the time literally flies by you when you've kids! :shock: We've been getting all her bits & pieces organised, she has 5 big books this year :lol: & is delighted with herself cos she'll be getting homework! Best wishes to all the kiddies starting 'BIG' School ;)
nettie07 Posts: 293
my neice first day at school is on friday, i bought her a little card in easons, she is so excited, i cant believe how quick time has gone.
mad woman Posts: 22106
yeah my younger one is starting junior infants tomorrow and is really excited...
MRS H TO BE Posts: 1410
Mad woman, hope you're little one settles in ok tomorrow. :D Aw your baby is starting school ;)
WaterfordB2B Posts: 142
My eldest back tomorrow, hes going into 2nd year and the smaller one is back on Friday, hes going into senior infants.# Summer has gone so fast. Won't be long now before they start telling us what they want for Xmas :mrgreen:
mad woman Posts: 22106
i know yeah, mrs h can't believe she wont be my baby no more as soon as school kicks in!
Hopefully07 Posts: 2027
My neice is also starting school tomorrow, I just can't beleive it, I only remember like it was yesterday when my sis brough her home from the's going to be a "BIG" day.......we've all taken the morning off work to see her off!!! And she has LOADS of presents SOOO looking forward to it, her uniform is huge on her and it's the smallest size they have! :lol:
LJMom Posts: 1100
My son is starting 2mrw very exciting where does the time go! He's sp excited about having a bag & quite confused that his teacher is called Miss White, "Why does she have a colour as a name?" :o0