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jitterbug Posts: 226
I'm getting my fat ass back on the WW wagon tonight. Am dreading stepping on the scales, but I suppose once this is over from here on in it should be good news. Is there a weekly weigh in results section? God knows I've been here before... for years... it's like a roundabout. Anyway. Positive thoughts and very little time to go, so have to stay focussed
ms crooner Posts: 621
Hey Jitterbug I started back last week and going for my weigh in tomorrow so will be a bit nervous about it but if I am down anything at all I will be delighted. The first time stepping on the scales is always nervy but it can only get better after that, I keep telling myself that anyway
happywife Posts: 1575
good luck to both of ye _ i know the first & second are pretty nerve wracking but they will pass and soon you will be on the road again- i have only rejoined a while back have had 7 weigh ins and delighted with the resluts now its just part of the week for me- best of luck anyway :wv