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Amberangel Posts: 488
Hi I hve had backache for the past two/three days. it is not something I have had regularly since becoming pregnant... is this normal at 11/12 wk mark? I sit a desk all day so I suppose that does not help. It is not excruciating pain or anything, but I am still a little worried.. can anyone shed any light on this for me Thanks.x
chicam Posts: 1169
Yeah I had backache earlier in this pregnancy than I had expected to - I'd always put backache down for women in their last trimester when you're really big, but I found around week 15 I was suffering from it and unfortunately it's never really gone away. Apparently it's all the stretching etc. that all your muscles do, including your back muscles as they get ready to support the big load your bump will soon become! :o0