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Time For A Change Posts: 6885
Hubby and I are doing our first bit of volunteer work tonight - we couldn't go last week for the first intoduction meeting. I was very surprised that we didn' get a background check done by the Gardai, which is needed for when you are going to be dealing with kids. This volunteer work is with a brand new Youth Club set up with our Residents Assoc. and Foroige (think I spelt that correctly). All we'll be doing, once or twice a week for a couple of hours. I know from my Dad, that if you're working with kids, you HAVE TO be vetted, unfortunatley it's because of all the horrible stuff we read in the papers. Hubby was adamant we didn't because it "was only the Residents Association" and I was adamant that no matter where it was, you had to have a background check. He gave in and gave me the number of the guy who's running the club. He said that he was waiting for someone to ask that question. He said that tonight we'll sign a form from Foroige stating that we're squeaky clean and not hidden past. He said that these forms go off to the Gardai and they check them, and if a dodgey person is found, they are automatically kicked out of the club - understandably. The bit I don't get, is why isn't a full background check done BEFORE we do the volunteer work? If I had a child who was joining some club, I'd prefer the peace of mind that all the volunteers had been checked out beforehand. I know the procedure can take up to three months to get done, but what's three months compared to your childs safety?
GreenerPastures Posts: 7284
My aunt does volunteer work with the Alzheimers society and others and had to complete loads of forms for a background check. Maybe she was being more honest/thorough then she needed. She gave all her addresses from when she was born and her time in England and Scotland. She had to give alot of info and then it's up to the garai to doublecheck it's all correct. If you are working with vulnerable people/children I think it's so important that they check into your background.
BusyDee Posts: 8527
I wouldnt be happy with that at all tbh! Sure by the time the send off the forms and hear back from the gards it will probably be a few weeks. Sounds like they arent that organised!
gillette Posts: 1803
I know in Britain they are incredibly strict about this kind of thing - I think the Daily Mail (always the most free thinking of papers!) was particularly irate about a suggestion that parents car pooling would have to get police checks. And as for the checks themselves Noodlehead, there was something in the paper recently saying that Garda vetting checks are really backlogged at the moment and are taking even longer than usual. Anyway, on this one, I think you (as opposed to your DH) is absolutely right. And I think that the club are doing themselves no favours by not having got themselves organised and done this in advance - it's exactly the sort of thing that'll end up causing them no end of hassle in the longterm, not to mention the potential risk to the kids, however small.
jammydodgers Posts: 42
I would say the reason they don;t send the forms off in advance of you starting is the lenght of time it takes for the check to be done by the Gardai. I recently got back involved with the Girl guides after many years & sent my Garda Vetting form off in January - I still haven;t been granted clearance & it looks like I'm going to miss the pack holiday on 22nd May as a result. It's a complete wind up as there are not that many people willing to give up their time to such organisations. We are all in agreement that this type of check needs to be done & is very important but you would think that 8 weeks would be enough time to process it. I'm now on week 16 & I swear ladies there are no skeletons in my closet :o0
Rubyrose Posts: 5522
Hi, I run a foroige group in my area, Im also on the district council in my county with foroige,( so as you can guess Im very involved with it) and yes you do need to be garda vetted, Im very surprised that you havent been asked to do it yet. the form you have to fill out asks a lot of details and should be sent in well before you start voluntary work. If you want to PM me regarding any details please do.
lovebug997 Posts: 4034
I did a bit of work with Foroige before and we all had to fill in garda vetting forms. Have done it several times actually for placements, work and volunteering. I worked for 7 months as a special needs assistant covering a maternity leave. Filled out the form 2 weeks before I started in the middle of August. By the time I left in March my vetting still hadn't come through. Filled out one with my local youth services for a programme I was involved with there and it was back within 4 weeks. The Foroige one was also back within about 3 weeks. I think if the organisation chases them up and doesn't let it go it can speed up the process.
Time For A Change Posts: 6885
So we had our first night of volunteering last night, and we both really enjoyed it. I'm kicking myself that I didn't do this sort of thing years ago, even when Dad was dropping hints that maybe I could give some time to the charities he was involved with. It was a good sign that twice as many kids turned up (10)that they were expecting. They're hoping more will turn up next week, if the kids spread the word to thier friends about the club. After all the kids were finished, they gave us the forms. No problem with then at all - apart from preferring they gave them to us before joining. As far as I could tell, it was a "rush job" to get it all set up as they are setting up a Summer Camp too and wanted to have both set up asap. We got Garda vetting forms, Foroige forms and one that we just had to sign (and was witnessed by one of the leaders) as a confirmation saying that we know what we're doing and that we'll abide by the rules (of course) The tough bit now, is trying to remember addresses of houses I was renting in years ago. One I know, but it the time I'm having trouble with - but I know it was 13mths. I know I can get a rough idea of the time due to "certain things" that happend around that time ;o) Thing is, I know a person who might have a better idea of when I lived there, but I don't want to drag up the past as we want to leave it in the past. He's my ex-boyfriend but more importantly, he was my best friend for longer. Our friendship ended abruptly and we weren't in contact for a number of years. Thanks to the wonderful world of Facebook - and a freaky coincidence, we're now back in contact. Does anyone know, is it acceptable to give rough estimates of times spent in the rented accomadation? The longest time was the 13 months, but the shortest was 6wks! :o0 and that one is another one for memory loss on the address.
Rubyrose Posts: 5522
Hey Noodlehead, Im delighted you had such a great time, I think its ok to put in rough elements, if it helps Im meeting with our regional youth officer tonight ( she works for foroige and is the one who runs the trainings ) and I can ask her for you if you want
Time For A Change Posts: 6885
[quote="mrs.rubyrose":3rh30mm5]Hey Noodlehead, Im delighted you had such a great time, I think its ok to put in rough elements, if it helps Im meeting with our regional youth officer tonight ( she works for foroige and is the one who runs the trainings ) and I can ask her for you if you want[/quote:3rh30mm5] Oh that would be fantastic, thank you so much. I just want to be sure that I'm doing everything aboveboard. :)