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MrsBraxton Posts: 4662
Does it amaze people that in this day and age with the economy in bits that some people still don't give a sh1t if they get/ keep your business? We bought a new (well new to us) car in mid Jan and dh haggled with guy to get a 6 month warranty. He eventually got it. Was told car would be fully serviced prior to sale. Last week or 2 he noticed a noise coming from front wheel and it got worse so he rang garage Sat. Guy was not impressed to hear from him and was a pure smart arse on phone. I brought car up today and mechanic (who was a sound guy) looked at it and said brake pads on front totally worn. Car is less than 3 months old with us and we've done about 3.5k km in the time so not big mileage at all. They replaced the pads but my God did the owner make a big deal about it. Told me that brake pads generally weren't covered under warranty (which I fully appreciate but you'd expect to get more than 3 months out of them at the mileage we do) and I asked how long should they last seeing as 3 months seems v little. His reply was a very sarcastic 'well I don't know how you drive your car so how can I answer that'. The brake pads were obviously not changed in the service and must have been pretty worn when we got it so you'd think he'd change them and say no more and hope for repeat business in the future. Then you've AIB and the whole charges thing which will certainly lose them customers so you'd think they'd look after the ones they have, again hoping for more business in the future.
Penny Hill Posts: 1898
Its madness. At least he did it for you in the end. But how quick will you be to go back after the warranty is up? This is what he should really be considering. H2B works for himself, and when his phone rings he is like :o)ll When you are providing a service it is important to look after the customer, but like you i have found recently people just mustn't need the business. I've had problems with a wedding supplier recently, and am starting to believe that he obviously just doesn't need my money!!!
Mari yay Posts: 4045
[quote="SorrentoWife":2uwaa5yo] Told me that brake pads generally weren't covered under warranty [/quote:2uwaa5yo] Yeah Mr they may or may not be covered under the warranty, but why weren't they changed in the service if they were so worn??? O:| Could have been a serious accident the muppet! And re AIB, we are changing to UB, was just in there today and I said to the guy ye must be doing great business from AIB he was saying they are, he can't believe they've shot themselves in the foot like that!
FastLane Posts: 252
God that's infuriating! I also bought a car in Jan, an 06 reg which is the newest I've ever had by 10 years!! Am so delighted with it, but main thing that made me buy it was the fact that the guy we bought off has taken over his Dad's business and they've been operating for 36 years in same place, he serviced and MOT'd car after we put on a deposit (we're in the UK) and put 6 months tax on for us, he also gave us 1 year warranty. He was such a lovely man, we've rang him twice since and he's always been so helpful when we have. While we were there looking at the car, 2 separate customers came in who'd obviously been dealing with them for years, and were trading in cars that they'd bought there before and getting new ones from him. That sold it to us, generations of same families buying from this place for years and it's been in various newspapers as longest running family business in the NOrthEast, you can't argue with that!! I'm sorry you've had such crappy service, my Dad is self employed also, and goes waaayy above and beyond for his customers, but is so grateful that he's still busy in the middle of this recession. People have no cop on, and you'd think the way the motor industry is at the moment that he'd be falling over himself to keep customers! :duh:
MrsBraxton Posts: 4662
It was more his smart ass attitude which annoyed me. Def wouldn't buy a car off him again even though we got a great deal on the car and bar the brake issue its in super condition, low mileage etc but couldn't hand over money to him for anything else. Then you've other businesses like you said who really go over and beyond to help and some of them still struggle. I always try to recommend a business I was impressed with. The lady who minds/ grooms our dog is fantastic and was such a great help when we got him first. Gave us great advice and gave us good deals on grooming and minding after I recommended her to a work colleague and she now uses her. We got suits for wedding in a local shop and he gave us good deal on the hire for week and then dh recommended them to 2 friends who were getting married. Both hired suits there and dh got a call from shop thanking him for the business and for telling friends and said he'd bring him out for a game of golf to say thanks. My sister getting married in June and its black tie so dh and my brothers will need tux's so the three of them and my uncle and cousin going to go back to him and get them.
April13 Posts: 635
Hi folks, Eh what is AIB at?? Im with them and have heard nothing... Head in the sand as usual!!!!!!!
Mari yay Posts: 4045
[quote="MrsDuffy2b":vwep1zt2]Hi folks, Eh what is AIB at?? Im with them and have heard nothing... Head in the sand as usual!!!!!!![/quote:vwep1zt2] They are getting rid of free banking, unless you have €2.5k sitting around in your account you will have to pay for all banking transactions.
April13 Posts: 635
[quote="Mari yay":13hu8nak][quote="MrsDuffy2b":13hu8nak]Hi folks, Eh what is AIB at?? Im with them and have heard nothing... Head in the sand as usual!!!!!!![/quote:13hu8nak] They are getting rid of free banking, unless you have €2.5k sitting around in your account you will have to pay for all banking transactions.[/quote:13hu8nak] WTF!!!!!!!! >:o( >:o( >:o( >:o( >:o( I rang them there, im really pissed off why de hell did they not send me a dam letter about this.... My god im so angry, how de hell am i supposed to do this............. >:o( >:o( Rant over!!!!1
Steph2 Posts: 1044
Ok so my complaint isn't about your typical business person - but a guy left a note on our door, detailing all the different odd jobs he can do. Clearly somebody who needs an extra few bob or whatever. I contacted him last Thursday about cleaning my windows for me. I live in a duplex and some of the windows are too much of an effort for me to get to, and he had window cleaning on his list of things that he does. So we had a chat and he agreed he would come and do them today for €20.00. I got a text from him a few hours back saying that he is very busy today and he might not be there to do the windows, and if he isn't, what other day suits. So I replied and said that's fine, but can you confirm for definite what the position is today. i.e. "might" not be there is not really any use to me. (What I wanted to say was that I had other things I could be getting on with rather than sitting in at home waiting for someone who "might" show up). He never bothered replying >:o( It's such a minor thing, but it infuriated me. If you need the extra cash to the point that you're prepared to put notices up on doors, then why mess someone about like that? There are a number of duplexes which are the same as mine, whose owners I know would love to have a regular window cleaner come and do their windows. So he potentially could have had himself a nice little earner. Just annoys me so much how people like that can break agreements so easily. I mean fair enough, something important could have come up for him which meant he genuinely couldn't make it, but then why not have the decency to pick up the phone. Really ticked me off...... incase you couldn't tell!! :o0
MrsBraxton Posts: 4662
The whole AIB thing is a pain in the ass and they're gonna lose a lot of customers over it so probably won't make a lot more money anyway as the ones who will stay will have the €2.5k in the account at all times. They've taken cashsave accounts off ATM cards as well - only found that out the other day when I went to take money out and said account was invalid. Steph thats so annoying. Hate when people make arrangements and then cancel. We were getting garden done while back and got a recommendation of a guy from my uncle and also from paving place. Rang him and he came up and quoted us for job. We rang him back week or 2 later asking him about job and said we were interested. He said he'd come up the following day to confirm what we wanted done etc and to decide on exact paving. No sign so left it a day or 2 and rang again. Dh left a message and heard nothing back. Rang him again a few days later and got the 'I'll call over about 5 tomorrow' and he did a no show again. So we ended up getting another guy and glad we did. He gave us better paving stones, did a dog run and few other things for €250 less than 1st guy quoted for paving alone and was a sound guy so was happy to give him the business.