bad cough/cold

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Long Legs Lizzy Posts: 233
Hi everyone, I can't believe its 1am as i'm writing this but I've been awake for hours coughing! it's been going on now nearly 2 weeks and the weekend was the worst. I even went to the doc last week and he said my chest was clear :ooh I'm absolutely shattered from it and it's starting to upset me now. just got up and had a good cry :o( poor hubby doesn't know what to do. I mean is there anything safe to take to get rid of it? i really think i need a cough bottle. maybe i'll just go to doc again tomorrow sorry for moan, poor baby must be in awful state with me :o( lizzy
Wifey Wifey Posts: 198
Hi there, Unfortunately I dont think there's anything you can take for it as I'm 20 weeks now and had a really bad chest infection when I was around 14 weeks with the most horrendous chesty cough which lasted over 2 weeks. GP said all I could take was paracetemol (of absolute no use whatsoever) and take honey & lemon in hot water. It was a torture but eventually cleared up. Then I got diagnosed with an over active thryoid and have had a really bad sore throat for nearly 3 weeks and is so painful I can't even speak in the evenings. Am seeing a special consultant for the thryoid problem and she seems to think there's nothing at all wrong with my throat.... I'll refrain from making a comment on that as she should try being in my shoes for a day. Anyhow, apologies for the rant! I guess the moral of the story from my experience is that you can't take any medication for coughs, colds etc but do try gargling with warm water and salt which may/may not be of help. Hope you get better soon. I guess when baby is born we'll have forgotten all about these ailments.... until next time!
Maxi-Babe Posts: 327
Hi I went away to America last Christmas when I was six months pregnant and got an horrendous cold, I got over that by the time we came home, but I had a cough that lasted for weeks and weeks afterwards. It was so bad that I was actually in pain from coughing so much and I felt that my whole body was straining everytime I coughed. There really is nothing I could have taken and believe me I checked with the pharmacist about it, as I was desperate. The one thing I did find that helped was hot water with honey and some lemon, just like Wifey Wifey said. Not necessarily the nicest thing to drink, but it really did soothe it. The cough went away after a while and I really do think that drinking this did help, as it only started to improve once I started on it. Maybe you should try that - hopefully you are feeling better soon and sleeping again as you really do need to be resting well at this time. HTH
Long Legs Lizzy Posts: 233
hi girls thanks for reply. I ended up back at doc today and i'm on antibiotic for chest as it's going on too long now. He says it's safe enough now i'm in 2nd trimester and he gave me a low dosage. feel so much better had a good sleep afterwards as i need the rest big time anyway hope to get back to normal by end of week :thnk Lizzy