Bad cramps at 12 weeks

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MePleez Posts: 27
Hi ladies...hoping for a bit of advice...I'm 12 weeks pregnant with "number 1" through IVF and I'm not sure if I'm sticking my head in sand or I need to contact the doctor..Had a visit with the gp on Monday last where all testslike bloods n urine csme back good..Baby was still down and hadn't moved i came home with a little bit of cramping whick i thought was ftom being poked and prodded..Its Thursday now and since Monday its like a really bad pulling and stretching crampy pains..hard to describe but not period-like cramps. TMI but also a tad constipated..these pains are now coming in spasms where they were just constant pain...should i go back to doctor or go back to consultant or are they normal spotting thank gut says they're stretches but just wondering are they normal...any advice would be great...thank you ladies xxxc
23Daisy Posts: 416
Hi MePleez, You poor thing you must be so stressed. I would go to the hospital if I were you, it could be nothing but there is no harm in getting it checked. I had funny pains at around 20 weeks during my last pregnancy. I went to the hospital and they were great. They did a small scan and also put a tracer on me for a few hours. I was fine luckily but I think you're better off putting your mind at ease.
sunny1 Posts: 995
Constipation can cause spasm type pain so it could be that or it could be stretching. I remember being in agony at about 12 weeks with achy crampy pain and I was so worried. When I had scan doc was able to tell me I have tilted uterus so uterus has more moving and stretching than normal to do but all was perfect. Are you due a scan any time soon? That might put your mind at ease
Doozer28 Posts: 881
You poor thing, it can be a stressful time. While as you say it could quite possibly be stretching pains or constipation, I think you should give your doctor a ring, if only to give you peace of mind. Hope you feel better soon!
AuntieD Posts: 760
I could've written this post almost word for word! Been having the same issues over the last couple of days but I've put it down to stretching at the moment.
Missy2012B Posts: 35
Same here, I have been having the same pains for the last week, I asked one of my friends, and she had it too, in the early weeks, it was stretching pains, as this is my first. Even when i move in bed at night, I get the shooting pain.
Lizzie02 Posts: 2624
[b:4ena3bw5]MePleez[/b:4ena3bw5], how are you doing? I had a good deal of stretching pains in the early days and after two miscarriages they frightened the bejaysus out of me at first. I also had (*TMI*) rectal pain. But I agree with 23Daisy, if you have any further queries, the hospital were fantastic for me and great for putting the mind at ease. HTH x