Bad cramps at 12 weeks

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MePleez Posts: 27
Hi ladies...hoping for a bit of advice...I'm 12 weeks pregnant with "number 1" through IVF and I'm not sure if I'm sticking my head in sand or I need to contact the doctor..Had a visit with the gp on Monday last where all testslike bloods n urine csme back good..Baby was still down and hadn't moved i came home with a little bit of cramping whick i thought was ftom being poked and prodded..Its Thursday now and since Monday its like a really bad pulling and stretching crampy pains..hard to describe but not period-like cramps. TMI but also a tad constipated..these pains are now coming in spasms where they were just constant pain...should i go back to doctor or go back to consultant or are they normal spotting thank gut says they're stretches but just wondering are they normal...any advice would be great...thank you ladies xxxc
dilin o damhsa Posts: 776
I'm getting shooting pains low down at the front of my pelvis and I think they are ligament stretching pains. Many of the others at a similar stage are getting stretching pains. Have you tried moving position? I find mine are worse when I'm sitting. However the nurse in my surgery told me strictly that if i felt I was getting contraction like pains to go and lie down to take the pressure off and to work against gravity.
Ljp Posts: 161
Hi, i had these last weekend and i am 12 weeks preg. Like very mild period pains but not quite-kinda hard to describe. Was at the docs getting bloods and said it to her and she said it could be you are constipated (i wasn't and it didn't really feel like that), you have a bladder infection (not sore when i pee so not that) and more than likely it was just stretching pains. She said that especially around 12 weeks the uterus beings to move up out of the pubic area and stretches up towards your belly button and beyond. She felt me and said it was grand and then had a listen on the doppler and could heard the hb belting away. So dont worry i think some mild cramping at this time is normal, as long as it isnt too sore and there is no blood. I had a few panicked trips to the bathroom but all good. They do freak u out for sure. If it is really bugging u or they don't go away maybe just go to gp for advice and peace of mind. Good luck.. :compress
Cats1 Posts: 215
I'm 12 weeks (my first) on saturday and getting cramps alot of today, similar to ones I had at the beginning of this pregnancy... I'm thinking it's down to the big growth spirt baby has in week 12, that's what I'm hoping for anyway. I'd say try not to worry but if you are then phone the GP/midwife and tell her your worries, no harm doing that at all.
jewellb Posts: 2389
I've been getting these 2 it was like a tooth ache on the left of my groin on and off yest! And then a little twang in the left of my womb last night!! Me please if your ever worried ring the hosp your attending they are used to getting calls all the time and if it puts your mind at ease that's good !!!
safari girl Posts: 309
I had these too at weeks 12 and 13. One day they were very bad and I got a bit worried, but it was just stretching pains which, as all the posts say, are really common at this stage. I'm 25 weeks now and haven't had anything near as bad since then, so I think it's typical of the growth etc at that stage. hth :wv