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LM24 Posts: 932
Ok let me first start this by saying I am not a perfect driver - I know that. However, there are certain things I see on the road that drive me crazy and I need to get off my chest:- 1) Not indicating - are ppl trying to save petrol by not using their indicator? 2) Not being able to use a roundabout - do ppl not know that the outer right liner is for turning right only?!!! The left lane is for first and second left! 3) Below the speed limit - Ppl who do half the speed limit - this causes frustration and ultimately dangerous over-taking. Please realise that slow driving is as dangerous as speeding 4) Radio blaring - there is nothing funnier than a radio blaring in cold weather - the guys have the window down so that everyone knows they own a radio - well done guys !! 5) Not knowing your lane- the ppl who cant follow a white line in the road - you are the ppl who cant draw between the lines., You dont realise that crossing a line means coming into the path of parallel traffic ! There are more but 5 is plenty to broadcast :-8 Safe driving, LM24
marianf Posts: 5845
I always want to know what is the difference between maintaining a safe distance from the car in front and leaving room to be overtaken. Everytime I drive down the country on a Friday, I leave what I believe to be a safe distance between me and the car in front but for the 100kms or so, it becomes a 'holding bay' for cars which are overtaking. It drives me insane O:|
CappuccinoHeaven Posts: 1081
Yes there are lots of really annoying things and one of the most annoying for me is the driving too slow!! You're driving along on a 100 road and the car in front is doing 70 ....arghhhhhhh!! And as you pointed out LM24 it is dangerous. And another thing is when your're driving along at the limit and there is a car driving so close behind putting pressure on you to go faster .....feck off like I'm doing the limit O:| O:| O:| Rant over!!