bad manners or just hormones ??

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primrose Posts: 291
hi girls im not usually the 'complaining' type but i just said i'd tell ye of recent experiences and see what ye think i am 35 weeks pregnant at the minute....just bear this in mind hubby usually does the weekly grocery shopping since i kinda got big but over the last two weeks he has been up to his eyes with work so last saturday i decided to go and do the shopping. i went to our local supermarket, filled up the trolley, met the owner (male) on the aisles a few times, got checked out, packed my bags, put all bags into trolley plus a big bag of spuds. now at this stage it would've been nice to be ASKED if i needed some help loading the bags into the car esp the bag of spuds. the girl on the check out didnt pass a bit of heed and the owner was swanning around doing his 'pr' thing with the customers. as i said, i usually dont complain, and in norml circumstances i can always manage to do things like this myself but FFS you'd imagine that an offer of help would at least be made?? following the shopping, i had to go and get some briquettes - - same story. went into the shop to pay for them, young lad behind the counter took the money and never even said 'look do you want a hand getting them into the car' or anything. hubby was like a lunatic when i told him the story and told me i should've waited til he couldve gone and got all the stuff for me i just think its a fricking disgrace. have any of ye noticed this kind of behaviour. my frustration and anger is porobably hugely amplified cos of the hormones!!! looking forward to hearing your stories
Forgottenpassword Posts: 1078
I tend to think about this a bit differently. I do not get myself into situations where I cannot do things for myself and that is also true of while I am pregnant. So if I could not carry a big bag of potatoes well then I just would not buy them. I am not saying people are right not to help you but, just that we need to realise that people really do not care that much about others pregnant or not. As you said you could have waited for hubby to get those things for you, and rather than stressing yourself out over people not helping maybe it is better to just keep the blood pressure low and let your DH do things like that while you are pregnant. That young lad behind the counter might be told not to leave the till alone, it might be more than his job is worth to "help". I am really really trying the best I can all through this pregnancy to be calm and peaceful about everything because there is no point in stressing out and getting upset about things we cannot affect. At the end of the day it is much better for baby to stay calm and relaxed. FP
little mrs sunshine Posts: 5523
I actually get embarrassed when people go out of their way to help me. Like twice now I have been queuing for the loos in a bar and been asked if i'd like to go first. I think it's very nice of them but I get mortified. My view is I am only pregnant but do think it's nice of people to think of you.
Hopefully07 Posts: 2027
TOTALLY bad manners >:o( All they need to do is ASK if you'd like some help, 9 times outa 10 I say no but especailly carrying a big bag of spuds.... I wouldn't be shopping there again if I were you O:|
Avril Hiswife Posts: 1743
A different viewpoint - I get the bus to work and a couple of times have offered my seat to elderly or disabled people who have seemed offended - or at least ungrateful. And a heavily pregnant woman at my work once got annoyed when the lads tried to take over from her carrying up fresh paper for the printers. So sometimes people wait to be asked for help rather than offering and have it taken the wrong way. And the people involved in your bad experiences may simply have been oblivious, thinking about their Christmas shopping etc. If I am struggling to manage I don't hesitate to ask for help. If you had asked them to give you a hand out to the car and they had refused then you would have good cause to be angry! It is good practise to ask for help anyway, after your little one is born, if you really need a rest, chances are you will need to ask. People usually like helping.
fruitypie Posts: 826
I think it's the times we live in.. I think customer service is at a whole time low in Ireland! People are just too busy running after their tails. To help with your situation why don't you ask for help. This may be the light bulb affect the youny guy needs, so the next time he serves a pregnant lady he may offer help before being asked. HTH
Dairy Queen Posts: 3707
I think the owner of the supermarket should have helped pregnant or not. I wouldn't be able to lift a bag of spuds normally :-8 let alone now! But I do think you should ask rather than straining yourself. As for customer service gone down hill, I think this is true in some cases but I work in retail and the things people expect from you are phenominal(sp) trust me I could write a book on the crazy things people expect of you.
fruitypie Posts: 826
Ah go on Delta Nu, tell us a few of them.. (i wound down for christmas last week!)
Dairy Queen Posts: 3707
I won't even start!!! But people think we are servents or sub human!!! Or people with comlaints who start off I know my rights and they never do! Or they know the consumer rights and try to fit them around their problem but they are not legit. Or hanging up the phone when we don't have what they want!!! Or tutting when having to wait cause you'd be serving a dodery(sp) old Granny or expecting you to know what every shop in town stocks and there phone numbers and opening hours!!! And so on. Not to mention the constant questions and comments about my bump. Some of which are lovely and well wishes but some are ott.