Bad News at the Opticians

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Santa Posts: 1191
Hey There - was at t optician yesterday to get eye test for friving app and passed that but he noticed an irregularity i my eye pressue and little discs at t back of my which cud indicate glaucoma - has anyone heard of this. I am 30 and this dosen't run in the family - is it prob a false alarm?? Worried :o(
signorina_matrimonio Posts: 1297
Did he leave it at that? That it could be? Don't start worrying yourself to death over this - wait until you have something more conclusive to go on. It's possible the machine didn't take an accurate reading - those feckin things make me jump all over the place when I get that done :-8 Ask him for a retest or even get a second opinion. Easy to say but calm down until you have more info. :action32
Santa Posts: 1191
Thanks Signorina, Yeah just said I have to get it checked out, suppose I should have asked more but was a bit shocked. Booked with specialist for 22, so fingers crossed its just a wee wierd thing and not serious *)
bumble Posts: 1980
Don't worry about it as it's very treatable and they can put a halt to it completely. Some glaucoma eye drops treat it for other types it can be laser. My mother was diagnosed late last year with it - she has both acute and chronic so she was unlucky in that respect as most people only have the milder one. She had to have laser but was v simple process and she had it done a few days after my wedding in Jan. She doesn't have to go back now until Dec as she got the all clear and laser was successful. But really dont worry, worst case scenario you get a little bit of laser but most likely eye drops can sort it. Glaucoma (sp?) is just a build up of pressure (cause by fluid) in the eye and if left untreated can damage nerve endings affecting your eyesight but the eyedrops / laser relieve that pressure so the damage doesn't occur.
Santa Posts: 1191
Thanks a mill bumble, that is really helpful, I was like what am I going blind! Must be mild as he was surprised I hadn't noticed and still passed me for driving, just panicked a bit - thanks :thnk
TokenMale Posts: 6845
I have got high intra-ocular pressure myself, and had a similar panic a few years ago. Basically, as the others have said, you *may* need to go on drops which will not only sort it right out, but give you long luscious lashes in the process! :o0 Glaucoma (or high pressure) can cause damage to the optic nerve, reducing your peripheral vision, especially on the nose side, so it can be difficult to notice the early stages yourself.
Santa Posts: 1191
oh fab - thought of long luscious lashes has cheered me right up - thanks :thnk Would it cause headaches, have been having more than normal?
io Posts: 136
Hi Don't worry, it can be treated. My friend's Dad was put on those drops recently. He now has the most beautiful set of eyelashes, I'd pay money for them! They're incredible. He doesn't quite appreciate them though! I don't know if he had headaches - sorry I can't be more help.
Milly83 Posts: 3620
Don't worry. This is really common and treatable. Everything will be fine!
Italy07 Posts: 5409
Sorry don't know much about it, hope you get it sorted and its nothing major. Can I just ask a question, have you had any pain in the eye or behind. As hubby is having terrible pain for the last few weeks on and off, I am trying to get him to go get his eyes tested but he is being a typical man and says its fine. I'm worried that it could be something like Galucoma!