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icsi girl Posts: 264
Hi Ladies, Just wondering if I should contact the hospital? Iv not been well since Friday but wasnt vomiting or anything, then this morning iv literally been on the loo since 8am. (TMI Sorry) Every time I even take a sip of water im on the loo. Was on to my mam and she seems to think I should cal the hospital to be on the safe side as I will get really dehydrated? God would I be over reacting if I called them? Surely it takes more than a few hours to get dehydrated??
BabasFor2012 Posts: 1594
I think it would take a bit longer to get dehydrated alright, but I would still be inclined to get in touch with them and check if they want to see you anyway. No need to suffer in silence and worry, they would rather you call them now and be told see how you go than be rushed into them at a later date in a bad way.
Christmasmammy Posts: 120
ICSI Girl, I had the norovirus when I was 12 weeks. I was vomiting and on the loo for 3 days straight. Couldn't keep a tiny sup water down. The chemist told me to take spoonfuls of Lucozade. Went to my own GP and she said if I continue I would have to go to Rotunda to be put on a drip. She wrote me a referral letter, but sure it was gone the following day. Maybe just take a trip to the GP to keep your mind a rest Take Care, Its horrible x