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zowiebowie Posts: 300
right ladies, starting putting the bags together this evening and got a bit overwhelmed so ended up leaving it! For the labour i'm just wondering what do I REALLY need. I wouldn't mind but I've been through this before but I just cant remember :o0 For me: A nightdress for the delivery A knickers and massive green maternity pad for after the labour A packet of wipes, toothbrush & toothpaste to stay fresh A dark towel & shower gel for my shower afterwards For the baby: Another dark towel A vest, babygrow, blanket & hat A soother And everything else can be in a seperate bag which hubby can bring in from the car afterwards.. Is this bang on or am I forgetting anything??
Mrs sensible Posts: 40
Thats more or less perfect. The only thing I would add is a pair of pj's for you to change into from the nightie you deliver in. When I had DS they put him half on my chest but half my nightie so it got a bit destroyed! (sorry for TMI) HTH
DollyMomma Posts: 1231
A nappy for baby! Also I didn't need a dark towel for baby, the midwives cleaned him up.
Handymammy Posts: 1086
good idea is to put your babies outfit into a freezer bag so OH can get it easily and so midwive does not get it all dirty. I would also suggest water spray for face and something to eat during labour (but of course it is too early to pack food now!!) oh and TENS machine if you using one
sunny1 Posts: 995
I hadnt planned on packing a towel, shower gel etc. Noone I know has ever been offered a shower in the delivery ward. Ive heard the mw will just give you a quick freshen up on the bed. Are all hospitals different I wonder?
zowiebowie Posts: 300
mrsdiamonds, I cant believe I forgot a nappy for the baby :o0 :o0 Sunny1 - when I had DD I was able to go for my shower around 2 hours after the delivery. But DH and I were so busy fawning over DD he hadnt gone out to the car for my hospital bag so it was handy to have it in the labour bag.. i was back on the ward at that stage..
Delphinium Posts: 3027
TBH I have packed most things in the labour bag and the labour bag has ended up bigger than the delivery ward bag! Mainly due to larger items like the bath towel, dressing gown, slippers and the big green pads! Good to hear that I am not daft doing this. It'll save DH a trip to the car for a second bag. I have all my top up stuff like clean jamas and more clothes and nappies for baby in a smaller second bag that DH can bring with him the day after. The other thing you might want in the Labour Ward bag is some plastic bags for sending home dirty laundry. The more you can send home as you go the better!
blueboots Posts: 833
I would really recommend a warm pair of socks for labour. Another wollie advised me to pack them and i was so glad i did. I was so cold during labour. Not the pushing part but the wait up to it :o0. Also if you plan on using the bath during labour ( i did and it was brilliant before i got the epidural) maybe pack a second towel for yourself? good luck :wv
Emomc Posts: 2069
If you intend to take Arnica post delivery pop that in too as the sooner you can take it the better. In my hospital they offer showers after birth so I have packed some of that stuff too. Also your camera for all important photos and a little lippy so Mum looks good :o0