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Deise Bride Posts: 352
Hey Girls, seen as I get so much advice from this website, I thought who better for a bit of beauty advice! Have awful dark circles under my eyes lately that just cant get rid of....defo not from lack of sleep....know that much.....any advice warmly appreciated :thnk
red Posts: 444
Bump! I have suitcases under my eyes!! Would love a cure!
Faireez Posts: 973
try this link ... -Your-Eyes hope that helps. If not lots and lots of concealer
Gonetopasturesgreener Posts: 3556
I've them really bad too...get enough water and sleep bla bla bla(you know yourself!)...if you still have them the best thing is concealer followed by some le touch eclait(sp) from YSL...
Gabby Posts: 2873
I have very bad black shadows under my eyes but I have tried everything to get rid of them and nothing works so I just cover them with Benefit Industrial Concealer and it seems to work. I think I might be more aware of them than other people looking at me but thats always the way. But I have to say I was delighted the make up artist was able to cover them up on our wedding day and you can;t see them at all in any photos
mtv Posts: 935
i would also reccomend benefit industrial concealer. its called boing!! its expensive but really worth it.
flowerflair2009 Posts: 62
I don't suffer from Black Circles but I do suffer from puffiness and I find that used cold tea bags are fantastic O-O Just lie down with a towel under you and place on the tea bags, they are really refreshing and does the job for me
Angel* Posts: 625
I didn't find ysl touch eclait any good tbh. I use Loreal concealer and find it amazing. It also doesn't break the bank.
CorkBK2008 Posts: 445
I think the YSL Touch Eclat is good alright but it varies in price so much. They were charging 31 for it in Debenhams when I looked into it. Just back from Lanzarote and I stocked up on it. Got it for 15 euro... so bought 5 of em... must be mad.
Deise Bride Posts: 352
[quote="Niamh08"]try this link ... -Your-Eyes hope that helps. I just loved this when I went to the link........ "If all else fails, use a yellow or flesh-toned color which will camouflage the problem"...............just like ye say girls Concealer is your only man!!!