BALLAD/TRAD Bands???????Help!!!!

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MIMS Posts: 59
Hi Girlies, Ive decided that im going to have a little bit of music for the day after and am finding it impossible to get a trad band that actually sing the good old Ballad songs like the Fureys, Dubliners, Luke Kelly etc...some of them are just diddly I music any of yous have any contacts out there??? All i want is 3/4 people with guitar,fiddle,banjo whatever O:| O:|
SiobhanOliverSoprano Posts: 3150
for what part of the country Mims? Siobhán
MIMS Posts: 59
Sorry Fota Island, Cork is where the reception is !!!!!
SiobhanOliverSoprano Posts: 3150
Hi Mims - check out - they might be a bit too "trad" for you but you never know. They're based in Cork. I'll see what I can dig up for you for the ballad type groups around here. There's loads that gig around the pubs - it's just trying to find contact details for them is the problem. The Fota Island might be able to suggest some ballad groups that play in Cobh - worth asking them anyway. I'll have a dig through my contact list and see who's in there! Siobhán
SiobhanOliverSoprano Posts: 3150
Another Cork crowd - they definitely do ballads might also be worth dropping the Lobby a quick e mail - they organise a lot of ballad/folk music around the city so they might help you out with some info I know a guy that sings from Cobh so I'll give him a shout and see if he knows any ballad groups around the place. actually there might be one in UCC - I'll check that out for you now
SiobhanOliverSoprano Posts: 3150
here's the UCC Trad society they organise loads of sessions/concerts around the city so worth having a look at them. If I find anything else that might be of use to you I'll post it up! Siobhán
MrsS-at-last Posts: 182
I've a band who do a bit of everything. Im an Irish dancer so wanted a bit of trad too. They are Gerry Browne and Blue He's very nice. They're from ashbourne though but almost certain they travel. I got them for €1900 with a dj. Good Luck
SiobhanOliverSoprano Posts: 3150
just remembered another crowd - Amadans & Bodhrans. they played at Ronan O'Gara's wedding and do a lot of gigging around Cork city. here's their Bebo page I did have an e mail address and contact number for Murt but I can't put my hands on it. They play in Clancy's in Cork City so they should be able to give you a number for them or you can contact them via
amly09 Posts: 6
Hey there, Does anyone have a contact number for Amadans and Bodhrans?
cazza1981 Posts: 451
Did you hear of the Gold Band some of them play with the band "Natural Gas" I have a contact no for them if you like