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josiegrosie Posts: 152
hey - just hoping for a bit of advice re: Ballybeg! As previously explained we are a bit cash strapped but I would love to have my wedding in Ballybeg. Going to see it properly with Paddy on Saturday and hoping to talk to him about a Dec 08 wedding. We'll most likely opt for a mid week wedding, and I was wondering if any Ballybeg brides might be able to advise me re: our chances of negotiating the cost of the hire. A mid-week hire (Tuesday evening - Thursday morning) is €3000 for house and marquee. We will be a party of less than 60 so I'd say we could probably nix the marquee and stay in house alone. Do you think this would give us a good chance at negotiating? Also is there an option to have the ceremony on the grounds? On a more general note (and I am sure this has been ask too, too many times); I would like the get the wedding dress shopping over with ASAP and am likely to get a Oxfam/Barnados or a Debenhams/Monsoon affair. I am also optimisitic about losing weight before the big day. Obviously I don't want to leave it too late to buy the dress - is it possible to have it taken in (and is that a TOTALLY stupid question?) I have a seemstress friend who might be able to do it for me..... Thoughts please, ladies!
shobie Posts: 1437
Hi, I'm a Ballybeg bride too and have to say it's a really special venue. I'm sure a Xmas wedding there would be very magical. Paddy is an absolute dream and so lovely to deal with. With regards negotiating the price I'm not sure as we didn't even try :-8 But what about possibly only taking the house for a shorter length of time instead of the full 3 days? He might be willing to knock a few quid off? But my advice would be to have a frank and honest chat with him about your concerns over the price. He really is one of the most genuine men I've met and seems extremely generous in all our dealings with him. Having said that I do know they already have alot of bookings for 08 and he might not be willing to drop the price as it's a popular venue. But good luck and let us know how you get on on Sat! On a side note, Ear to the Ground (RTE 1) filmed in Ballybeg a couple of weeks ago and the show is being aired on Valentines night so it's worth having a look at as the whole house was set up for a wedding and looked amazing! ETA: Re the ceremony on the grounds, at the moment as far as I know they have held lots of Humanist ceremonies there (they have a man who does them), as far as the full civil ceremony, they haven't yet but I think they are hoping to later this year. As far as I know you need to speak to your registrar about this, Paddy & Dominique will certainly accomodate you of the registrar is willing. I think they mentioned a bride doing this later in the year, but not 100% sure of this. HTH
josiegrosie Posts: 152
Thanks so much! They have the dates we want to I am v excited - I shall let you know!