ballybeg house hotel -information please

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Junewife07 Posts: 276
Have any of you been married there or are geting married there? My sister is going to look at it on Saturday and she wanted to know your opinions. Any tips or information you have would be great. thanks.
brooklynbride Posts: 282
Hi June Wife I just PM'd you. BB
Valkstar Posts: 2747
I'm getting married there in July and have found it great! It's not actually a hotel hire out a house with 2 bedrooms and a marquee on the grounds. You have to arrange your own catering etc. but if you want full control on everything or want something different then it's perfect *) If you have any specific questions just give me a shout.
LisaMac Posts: 7
Hi Myself and my fiance were interested in looking at Ballybeg as a possible venue so we emailed and were asked to call a guy there, Paddy which we did, he asked us to come to see the venue last saturday at 11 o'clock. Now we only live in Dublin but its a fair old drive but we made sure we arrived on time. When we arrived we were greeted by a man who ushered us to park but then when my fiance put out his hand to introduce us, the man just walked off muttering to go on up. So we started to stroll up, thinking that the 'paddy' we were to meet would be up there somewhere. Hwever when we got nearer we saw a father of the bride and about three flowergirls so we hastily retreated, absolutley sure that now was not the time to go up. We asked another employee where we could find Paddy and he pointed at the guy who had been so odd when we'd arrived. So we approached him, I said excuse me about four times before he even looked at me (he was checking the wheels on his car) and then I said "Sorry we have an appointment" Heres where it gets weird! He said "Well how was I to know who ye were?" We pointed out that he hadn't given us a chance and he said "well I'm very busy now" We pointed out that it was he that had made the appointment for now, and asked for an indicator of how long we might be waiting. He said he couldn't say and said "Ye can wait till I'm ready or [i:39xj7hf1]go home[/i:39xj7hf1]"!!!! We said that we had driven all the way on his suggestion and he said " the only people that are important to me today are the bride and groom up there so you can wait or go home"!!! I pointed out that we didn't expect to be put before the bride but that we couldn't wait indefinately and if he could estimate how long.... he interrupted and said "I don't know so you may as well go home" - we began to retreat and I said "we'll go then" and guess what he said!! [i:39xj7hf1]He actually said "Good because I didn't like the look of you anyway"[/i:39xj7hf1]!!!!!!!! The look of us! My HTB was in a teeshirt and trackpants and I was in jeans and a cardigan...??? It was a SATURDAY! We're both well spoken and nice enough looking - what on earth put him off? It couldn't have been the 0ne year old in my husbands arms - do you think? What a snob! I wouldn't deal with Ballybeg in a fit - we obviously aren't their preferred clientele anyway!