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NYB2010plus1 Posts: 114
Thanks girls for the warm welcome!! :wv Let me just say.. LET THE MADNESS BEGIN!!! :o0 God help my poor H2B!! We were thinking about going to see the BallyKealey Manor Hotel in Carlow, they have a few dates in Sept 2010 but i was just wondering has anyone booked their wedding here or if anyone has gone to a wedding here??? All comments welcome......
wishin&hoping Posts: 3666
We have been 2 2 weddigns there & a couple of family weddings. Food was fab. Lack of rooms is a pain cos I think the houses cost way to much money. Extra rooms should be built on by then. One thing make sure they turn down the lights on the dance floor
abouttimebride Posts: 368
I attended a wedding there 3 years ago and stayed over. I had never heard of it before then. It was a lovely place for a wedding. The food was great. The room was bright and airy with lots of sunshine with the tall windows and dancefloor was a good size. The residents bar stayed open all night literally for residents and non-residents so that is good if you want a long session or think your guests will. Great sing song afterwards and session there and the staff made eveyone feel very welcome and were very accommodating. The next morning, there was no problem everyone arriving down for breakfast and in from lodges late , they still sat everyone down, and served everyone a late breakfast and were so nice about it which really struck me as they didnt have to be so accommodating. It was also good as everyone staying there was really from the wedding so you had it to yourselves. The downside is that there are limited rooms in the venue, and they are quite expensive. But there are other accom options
papillon Posts: 1305
The lodges are there and they are good value too... Bally kealey is a great wedding venue, been to two weddings there and they've been great craic altogther.
Lizzie02 Posts: 2624
We've booked ours for this July and so far find Angela the Wedding Co-ordinator very very helpful and answers all your queries. I've never been to a wedding there but know a few people who have and all the reports back are great - especially regarding the food.
NYB2010plus1 Posts: 114
Hi Girls! :wv Thanks for the comments.. so i think we'll defo have to take a trip down to Carlow to take a look! We're just back from the wedding fair in the RDS and oh the choices are just something else... we're not really restricted to where we have the wedding.. which i think is nearly worse... :ooh i'm living in Rush, Co. Dublin but i'm not too pushed weither we get marred in the church there to be honest (might sound superficial but i'd like an old stone church and the one in Rush is one of the horrid new builds.. what were they thinking????? O:| ) Lizzie02 you've booked your's for July (congrats!! :o)ll ).. oh i'll be dying to know how you got on... if you dont mind me asking, where are you having your ceremony? Is there a nice church near by?
xcited bride Posts: 359
hi i was at my friends wedding there a few months ago and he got married in the church down there.. only a minute from venue and lovely church.. a small old church but so romantic.. he had 220 at wedding, was tight but we all got in. its lovely
lilywhitebride Posts: 76
Hey NYbride! Congrats! Ballykealey is beautiful for weddings- I think you can get married on site now as well if you would rather that to a church wedding?
newyear09wife Posts: 899
I'm a balykealey bride too and am so happy with our choice.!!! :o)ll
LaBelleShell Posts: 26
Hi All Trying to get my final college project completed but now that I'm engaged my brain has turn to mush and I can't concentrate so trying to get venue sorted so I can switch off weddings for a little while (LoL as if !!) O:| Want to go view Ballykealey as it's looks beautiful. Was hoping for a castle initially but it's out of my budget but I think that Ballykealey has a certain old style about it. Are the rates negotiable as still a little high for us? Has anyone managed to get any reduction on rates for 2010 ? Is there any lee-way for negotiation. I'm just afraid I'll fall in love with it and then loose a few more braincells and hand over my CC at the front door ! Thanks :thnk