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SparklyB2B Posts: 1131
not much feedback on the above venue... Had never heard of it but looked it up after hearing an ad on 98fm this morning... It looks fab but no pictures of previous weddings... Just had a look at the egan hospitality website as well - menus are the best I have seen.. Anyone been to a wedding there? :o)ll
secret2012 Posts: 1134
My parents went to the open day for it. I think it opened in past few months. They have the brochure and it looks fab. Try go see it. Haven't heard if there have been any weddings there yet.
babydays Posts: 708
I went to see it on their first open day. It is a beautiful venue and the room is going to look amazing. I didn't book for a couple of reasons. One of these was that the reception rooms in the main house are small and I was concerned that the wedding party would split into small groups. I was also nervous of booking somewhere that hadn't hosted a wedding and was still building. From memory cava reception, finger food, 5 course meal (no chices) was about €118 per head. It is beautiful and a unique venue - especially if you get a sunny day. If I had a different amount etc I'd probably have gone with it but would have been worried cause they are new to weddings.
poppet56 Posts: 977
Hi sparkly b2b did you look any further into ballymagarvey? we are thinking of booing there - its fab!
JazzyLassy Posts: 7
Hi Sparkly, I booked my wedding at Ballymagarvey and it is out of this world...very different than the normal types of hotels. The first wedding is only being held there this May but it's so beautiful. The main room holds up to 180 comfortably and it looks fab too. Egan Hospitality are so professional and have managed many events, so I have every confidence that our wedding will be perfect. I definitely recommend you to go view BMV, you will want to book it straight away.
poppet56 Posts: 977
Hi sbmcarry! i am due to put don a deposit in bmv this week - i love it! what is your date? and have you struck any deals with them????
JazzyLassy Posts: 7
Hi Poppet56! We are getting married June 5th 2010. There are various different packages you can go for so it all depends on what you want. We went for the processco and canapes reception, 5 course meal (with choice menu), evening finger food...that works would about 95 euro per head. This doesn't include the wine for the meal, they told us we need to order a bottle per head which I think is mad so I'm still thinking of what to do here. But tell them your budget and see what they will offer you...tell them how much you had planned to pay per head. I asked for the bridal suite to be complimantary, the bar extention is no extra cost to 1.30pm and the chair covers and swaroski crystal centre pieces are also included in this price. So I think it is a good deal for the place you are getting. The only thing you have to do is ensure that all the cottages and the rooms in the house are booked...which I'm sure that is never a problem for weddings. Good luck with the negotiations! :)
Mrs James Duff Posts: 348
Hi Guys Wow really nice venue!! Myself and H2B have looked at loads of venues but not blowen away by any of them, this looks exactly like what we are looking for. I've emailed Ballymagarvey but just wondering if you knew what their rates are like for the rooms and the cottages? Is there an exclusivity fee on top of the packages or any special stipulations like having to book it out for a whole weekend? Thanks for your help :o)ll
poppet56 Posts: 977
Hi Gerrie, I totally agree - thats what i love about it! packages are from 85 - 118 euro a head afaik! the cottages are 80 euro per person and main house rooms 99 per person. you have to take all accommodation which is part that worries me slightly. how many guests you thinking of having and when? ooooh its great to talk to other Ballymagarvey brides!!!!
Mrs James Duff Posts: 348
I'll emailed Ballymagarvey and wow are they speedy with their replies!!! Got loads of info on menus, wine, accomodation etc. There is no exclusivity fee, no service charge if guest numbers above 60 and no stipulations of having to book it for a weekend etc. I've spent the afternoon breaking down the costs and comparing to two other locations we were looking at Wineport Lodge (which we like) and Coolbawn Quay (not so mad about) and it is working out much better value and from the pics I see on their site everything looks newer and of 5 star quality which I'm afriad the other venues don't. The other venues also have too many stipulations about taking the whole place over for weekends and guests having to fork out big money. I actually think the rates quoted for accomodation by Ballymagarvey are not that bad (a tad high but maybe they are open to negotiation on that one). Also I'm sure your guests would like to stay in the venue and it only has to be one night. Anyway back to your question :) Guest list is 130 so I imagine 100/110 will accept. How many you having? Thinking of June or September next year and you? I hope it lives up to my expectations and the website, I cannot wait to go and see it and have been so excited all afternoon at the thought of maybe we have finally found a venue we both like!!! Sorry for the long rant O-O