Ballymagarvey Village Wedding-September 2012

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PrettyinPeach Posts: 62
Hi everyone, I did a lot of lurking around these boards while planning my wedding, so decided to write a full wedding report, so that I could praise all ( most!) of my suppliers. It was the most amazing day ever and I am so happy it went so well. So stressful beforehand, but the main thing is just to enjoy the run up to it, because it goes ridiculously fast! Day of Wedding- Woke up at 6am, with butterflies in my stomach, so excited! We had breakfast, (tip here, eat lots of protein, got NO food until dinner time, so ate scrambled eggs and a little cheese, great to calm my stomach!) The hairdresser and make-up artist then arrived at about 8am, as they had to do 4 hair and make-ups. Make-Up artist was Sheena O'Brien and hairdresser was Lorraine Browne. Both girls were great and very calm to have around on the morning. Then our photographer and videographer arrived. David McClelland and Danny and his assistant from Smart Video. Dave was brilliant all day, you would barely notice he was there and I've seen a couple of teaser shots that already look great. Danny from Smart Video was also brilliant and can't wait to see the photos and the video! Once hair and make-up done, was time to put on the dress! Was delighted with it. Dress was by Mikaella and bought in White Orchid. It was actually my second dress, after buying my first dress far too early!! Girls in there were great and really helpfuly, with my last minute panics. Shoes were bought in Nordstrom in the States. Baby pink Badgley Mischkas, so adorable. Also bought a gold pair in Dune for the other dress, never worn out of the house! Also loved my veils, yes veils plural! Got one cathedral length veil custom made in Town Bridal in Powerscourt , made for me in about a week, great service but quite expensive for what is essentially a piece of tulle! Then bought a cheap veil on Etsy from the States, that I ended up loving, so wore that for drinks reception and long veil for church! So once I had got dressed, it all seemed very real. Was dressed about 1 hour before had to leave for church, but wanted to be ready with lots of time to spare so I could relax and not rush out the door. Mightn't be everyone's cup of tea to be ready for so long, but I was so happy to have the time to see everyone calling into the house and just chill out. Was lovely part of the day. My 3 bridesmaids were wearing gorgeous taupey coloured dresses we bought in Warehouse. Was so happy with how they looked, as they weren't traditional ''bridesmaid'' dresses, but were so glam and pretty on the day. Must mention the boys too I suppose! Groomsmen were kitted out by McKenna Man in Drogheda. The service was brilliant here, they really looked after every tiny detail, from the suits, to the shirts , ties and pocket squares. Very well priced too, and definitely worth a trip from Dublin to purchase. Then on to the church, which was thankfully about 30 secs drive from my house! Such a crazy moment when you are just about to walk down the aisle, feels very surreal. That moment when you turn the corner, and every camera pointed at you, gives you the teeniest idea what it must be like to get papped! Managed to walk down the aisle and not trip up and Loved every minute of our ceremony. We had the best music, Bohemian Strings played, alongside our Soprano and harpist Rachel Reid . Bohemian Strings were AMAZING, playing a mix of classical and contemporary stuff. They also played at our drinks reception. Rachel was a last minute addition to the mass, 2 weeks beforehand, as I wanted someone to sing the parts as Gaeilge for me. However, she was phenomenal, and really added to the mass. Also, extremely reasonably priced. Then, my best friend, who is an amazing singer, sang All you Need Is Love, accompanied by the quartet (á la Love Actually) , while we signed the registry. It was brilliant and gave us goosebumps! So onto the reception, day is flying at this stage! The reception was in Ballymagarvey Village and it was actually 10 times better than I had hoped it would be. Couple of people have commented on the forum about them being hard to deal with in the run up to the wedding, multiple people replying etc, as they are just so busy. I would agree with that a little, as me being hyper organised wanted to get every little detail nailed down and when you're dealing with multiple people, it can get confusing. HOWEVER, at the end of the day, the only thing that matters is the wedding day and they absolutely went above and beyond on the day of the wedding. John was our coordinator on the day and he is AMAZING. He could not have been more helpful, from the little things to running to my room to get my bag for me so I could fix my make-up before I went into the hall, to organising for a change in the starter option on the menu for me, that the caterers had said couldn't be done, which he surprised me with on the day! The other staff were also brilliant, food was amazing, rooms were fabulous, I would need a dictionary if I wanted to keep going to tell you how great the whole venue was. Suffice to say everybody raved over it and haven't stopped raving to me over it since we got married. Ok, enough about how brilliant they were, I promise I'm not a first poster who works for them! Then we moved onto the evening entertainment. We had a small wedding of 95 people. Was worried that the main room would be too small to have an atmosphere for the evening part of the night, so we agreed that after dinner everyone would move into the bar area for cocktails and some mingling. Had two Spanish guitarists playing ( Arash the contact from kazemisandoval) originally just for some background noise, but actually they were great, two authentic Spanish guys, who got everyone up dancing in the small bar, pre DJ. Would highly recommend them. Then, at about 11.30 we closed the bar downstairs, everyone went upstairs to room usually used as a civil ceremony room, which we had converted into the DJ/Dance Floor with a bar that Ballymagarvey had added in. We decided to nix a wedding band, as we're not really into them, and got a brilliant DJ in Darragh O'Dea, who was great guidance and help to me over the whole planning process. I think I spent over an hour one night, talking through all our ideas! The dance floor was hopping, literally hopping for 3 hours from 11.30-3am and I actually think i only moved off it for about 20 minutes total. He let me pick a lot of the play list ( Lots of 90s tunes!) which seemed to keep everyone happy! Was a great idea having the three different areas, as kept everyone awake and moving, plus people liked the reveal of the different rooms. Definitely an option if you're having a smaller BM Village wedding. That was very supplier heavy, but was just so happy with them all, that I wanted to give them a good review. I know it's a cliché to say it, but it seriously was the best day of our lives and I wish I could do it all over again, knowing how well it was going to go! Ok, that is my extremely long wedding report. I will add some pictures tomorrow, none on this laptop! Also, will be selling some of my stuff ( I have tons!) over the next week or so. Think will set up an ebay account as handiest! Need to clear out our spare bedroom!
PrettyinPeach Posts: 62
Found a couple of dress pictures. Know how much I used to love seeing the dress! Not pro pics, all photos edited by me! [attachment=3:vgewlrrn]dressWOL1.JPG[/attachment:vgewlrrn]
BertRaccoon Posts: 321
Congratulations!! Your dress is beautiful :)
PrettyinPeach Posts: 62
Thanks a million, I absolutely loved it!
Darragh ODea Posts: 47
Thanks Sarah for the feedback. It was a total pleasure to deal with you and a great night was had upstairs in Ballymagarvey Village.
MCF Posts: 3
Hi have tried to pm you my email address but no success !! Would you be good enough to try PM'ing me yours and I can send you my details ? Thanks.
princess1980 Posts: 66
Sounds like you had an amazing day and you looked stunning! congratulations to you both xx We too are getting married at Ballymagarvey village and cant wait now Good to hear some positive feedback to set the mind at ease xxx
PrettyinPeach Posts: 62
[quote="princess1980":3io1n5g9]Sounds like you had an amazing day and you looked stunning! congratulations to you both xx We too are getting married at Ballymagarvey village and cant wait now Good to hear some positive feedback to set the mind at ease xxx[/quote:3io1n5g9] It was absolutely amazing. Am jealous of anyone getting married there now, would love to do it again!
bmvbridetobe Posts: 3
Hiya, looking to get married there next year sept-oct ,although a slightly larger number at nearly 200. wondering what the food was like, also wondering about the bbq the day after? has anyone done it? i love love love the venue but im wondering is it too small and will we be cramped in it.