Bambino #2's arrival?

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Time For A Change Posts: 6885
Morning ladies, got a wee question for you. My hubbys cousins wife is due to have bambino number two on the 11th. Do any of you out there in wollie land know if second births are generally on the due date, early or late? We're "on call" for when we get the phone call from the cousin, we're guardians to thier first child so at whenever it happens, we'll dash over to thier house to mind thier son so the parents can get on with introducing thier second child to the world. Thanks - and happy Monday! (can't believe the weekend is over already!)
SuzyC Posts: 335
I think you can never tell.... My first was 10 days over my second was 6 days over :o0 baby will come when they are ready.. HTH
Time For A Change Posts: 6885
Thats what I thought, it's just when you hear all those old wives tales........I can't wait to see what hubbys reaction will be when we get the phonecall, I don't think he'd be the calmest of the bunch - and it's his cousins wife, not his own!!! :o0 :o0
hipbaby Posts: 4530
Can't predict when but they do say the 2nd delivery is quickest! It was in my case but then she was a planned c-section!!! :o0
Time For A Change Posts: 6885
Yeah, heard that before. Well, please God it all goes well for them - and shes a few days late!!! Only worked out that I'm babysitting my own niece and nephew on the 12th and I've a hens on the 13th. So dancediva, hang on in there girlie and if you can hang on until the Monday that would be would suit my diary a lot easier :o0 :o0