Band Advice: The Party Kings or Men in Black

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Hollycher Posts: 2
Hi all This is my first post, how very exciting!!!! Anyhow just looking for some band advice. Has anyone had either The Party Kings or Men in Black play at their weddings? If so would really appreciate your comments. Cheers :)
twistermusic Posts: 51
Hollycher Posts: 2
Thanks for your suggestion Twister, il look into you's! But if anyone could give me advice on the 2 bands ive mentioned id really appreciate it :wv
vidia Posts: 2960
[quote="twistermusic":3o9thscb]:wv[/quote:3o9thscb]O SERIOUSLY ANNOYING O:| O:|
somethingblue Posts: 13
Men in black were at my cousins wedding and i thought they were brilliant! they really got the crowd going which is seriously what you want at a wedding ( i just got married a month ago and although my band were note perfect i though the MIB interacted much more with the crowd and helped get people on the floor..). if i was doing it again i'd defo go for MIB. I haven't heard of the party kings so can't comment...
Nikki Kavanagh Posts: 281
Hi there! Not sure if you want supplier or wollie post! You will be pleased to hear im not promoting myself lol! The Party Kings are FANTASTIC, I stand in for Una (their female singer) occasionally and love their energy. Just go along and see them for yourself. Havent seen the other band but the obvious down fall for me personally is no female singer, when I go to book my wedding band I want male & female ladies need our tunes! Hope that helps :o0 Nikki