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BexMorgs Posts: 7
Hi my fellow brides to be. I was hoping to have a band and a DJ at our reception but unfortunately we are looking to cut costs so now are considering just a DJ. Does anyone have experience of just having a DJ at the wedding and does it make a difference. Will the evening be ruined or will nobody even notice? Any help would be appreciated O:|
cond2b Posts: 58
We are just going to make a playlist on an ipod and hook it up to the pa system. Ask at the venue if you can do that. There shouldn't be a problem. We'll be using the band's pa system since they are friends of ours and we might not even need the ipod because there'll be so many musicians at the wedding anyways but it's something to fall back on. Also I have heard of a couple of bands that do dj for extra bucks and all they do is hook an ipod to their system.
esla2016 Posts: 214
We decided straight up to have a DJ only. It depends on your crowd - if you have a lot of older family they may be expecting sets, and while I always get up for a set I am nearly always the youngest there who knows the steps! The most fun dancing I've had at weddings is DJ only, with bands I can't wait for them to end, but I know the oldies aren't gone on DJs. YOu're sometimes better off with a DJ than a cheap band tho I think, some are vvv bad. I'm sure a lot of suppliers on here will advise you on how to get an affordable good band tho