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flower04 Posts: 23
Hi, Just wondering if anyone has ever heard of a band called Phoenix and if they've seen them play at a wedding. They're from Carlow and we saw them play in a pub gig and thought they were really good but I was a bit wary cause they played really good stuff but a lot of it wouldn't have been music you could dance to. After the gig I asked if we could go and see them play at a wedding where there'd be more fast kind of music to dance to but they're not playing at a wedding till June and we're getting married in October and I'm just afraid to leave it too long incase we can't get a good band. They're not a typical wedding band by a long shot but we don't want a typical wedding band. If anyone's seen them, please let me know your opinions??? Thanks L
mia Posts: 963
Hi Flower Maybe if you posted this in Vendors and Suppliers you might get a better response. Hope you get some replies soon
theflemingcrew Posts: 48
hi ya have heard of them alright , if they are the same band they do a lot of rebel songs etc. they played at a 21st i was at and to tell you the truth i wasnt impressed like you said a brilliant pub band but not for something like a 21st or wedding just cant dance to it
khbride Posts: 24
Hiya Flower, yeah I've heard them a few times in pubs etc I wasn't that impressed to be honest with you, IMO they aren't really suited to a wedding as I don't think they would keep the floor full! :P But thats just my opinion! :lol: