Band Viewing Etiquette - When it's someone else's wedding!

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Shelly321 Posts: 96
Hi We have to go view our potential band at a wedding this week and I'm a bit nervous. Is it rude to do this? Should we dress up? Lurk in the back? The band have ok'd it with the couple of course but still a bit cautious of how to do it. Anyone else done it?
maybride2017 Posts: 232
Hi, we done this twice, once at a hotel wedding and once at a private venue wedding. Its awkard theres no way around that. The hotel wedding one wasn't as bad as there are always random people wandering around hotels, the bar was at the back of that venue and we just stood at it and got a drink. The second one we went to was in a private venue, the bar wasn't at the back so we just stood there making no eye contact with anyone and watched. But to be honest no on will care, your only there for about 30 mins, people will forget about you once your gone. We dressed up a bit as to not stick out too much but not as dressed up that we were trying too hard to be at a wedding. I just wore a plain black dress and cardigan and my partner wore a shirt and suit slacks. We didn't see the bride or groom at either wedding they were so wrapped up in their day and I just think to myself "I know I would be fine if a couple came to our wedding to view a band, we've all been there, help a sister bride out!". :heartbeat: