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pamoynih Posts: 50
I am living in the states and getting married in Cork next year. We just travelled over to Ireland last week to plan our wedding and some of the older folks were telling us that no one will dance at our wedding without a band. Is this true? Our DJ is going to play a variety of music throughout the night and we have people coming from other countries so it won't be your typical irish wedding to begin with. Please advise!
MammySpice Posts: 2501
traditionally the most popular choice is for a band followed by t d.j. This is not set in stone and it is not uncommon to find weddings with a band only or a d.j. only. I suppose the choice is up to you. The bands can be good and lively and older guests tend to enjoy them more than the d.j. hope that helps :wv
pamoynih Posts: 50
Thank you. People were making it sound like this has never been done in Ireland and it was making me a bit nervous. It is going to be a smallish wedding and we didn't want to pay a fortune for a band and a DJ.
MammySpice Posts: 2501
You better get used to all the wedding "must haves". Honestly you would want to win the lottery to include some of the things people consider essential! :o0 I am following the basic rule of what we (h2b and I) are happy with goes. Advice is helpful but at the end of the day it's my money that is footing the bill!! Where abouts in Ireland are you getting married by the way?
pamoynih Posts: 50
We're getting married in Gougane Barra and then having the reception nearby in Macroom. I have to get some tougher skin I suppose!
MammySpice Posts: 2501
Lovely part of the country!! Happy planning anyway. This site should be great at helping you to develop that "thick skin!". :wv
gogglebox Posts: 910
How long would you plan to have the DJ playing for? We're having a band from 9-12 and then a DJ from 12-2. I think it breaks things up nicely to have the two, but if budget does not allow... then fine - just ask your DJ to include some music to get the ole biddies up dancing and everyone will be happy :o)ll O-O
honeybee Posts: 624
Hi Havinf both a band who will play for 2 & 1/2hrs and DJ for 2hrs. In general most people choose to have both. It then caters for both young and old groups.
anonymousbridetobe Posts: 1563
I understand that you might not want a band, but an uncle of mine was at a wedding recently and there was a DJ playing for the whole night, and he said it didn't really work. And that's coming from a man who wouldn't even be able to tell what colour the BM's wore!! Maybe though it's just the Irish mentality, but I personally believe a band & DJ is a good combination as it caters for everyone and the right band will start the party quicker. I hope that helps, don't mean to put you off your plans!! :wv As other people said to you, you defintiely need thick skin and thousands of euor to keep everyone happy - which isn't going to happen!
noc Posts: 1802
I say go with iPod/ iTunes on a laptop hooked up to the sound system - cut out the middle man and save a lot of money. I've been at 3 wedding so far where people did this and it worked brilliantly and we're going to do that too. All our favourite songs - I'm a music fanatic so making the playlist will be a treat for me. All you need to do is be mindful of your guests and make sure to try to put in at least a small collection of songs at the start of the set that the olds will enjoy as well as young people. I've never really got up and danced to a Wedding Band. They're often rubbish or tacky or only play one type of music that not everyone will like. You need a good mix. Well, that's just my opinion but I suppose I'm pretty fussy about music seeing as I work in music myself. A genuinely good band would be just too expensive in my book. Anyway, you might not agree O:o) I'm probably just a control-freak where music is concerned but the above suggestion is just a cheap option to consider if it helps. And don't listen to people who say you 'must have' this and 'must have' that. Just do what you think you and your guests will enjoy.