Bands in Limerick - anyone else Oct 07?

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alias_grace Posts: 89
Hi all, I am getting married 25th Oct 07 and am getting to stage where I need to book our band. The Castleoaks gave us a list of bands but I'm just wondering have any of you heard/seen them before and who would you recommend? Also approx what price is the norm for a band? These are the ones I am going to contact: The Mad Hatters The News Safe Bet Band Little Creatures Atomic Kitten Thanks a million :)
clonboy Posts: 15
all those sound good,, why not try a guy called frnak daly in limerick who has bands like shaun o dowd who we coukld not get,, suppose to be great for weddings,, frank is in the yello pages too
Delish Posts: 4176
The mad hatters and the news are brilliant, have been around for years and are pros at weddings. They are really popular and well known . I would imagine they would charge in or around €2, 500.00. €2, 000 seems to be standard and as those bands have loads of experience they may charge a little more, but you get value for your money by all accounts. :wv
clumsy Posts: 661
I had Handipak they were brill everyone commented on them I don't have their No. on me right now but I will post it tomorrow they charged us for last September €1600.
Anonymous Posts: 24542
hi, ive booked the mad hatters for 2009, they are 1700 which isnt bad since they are a fantastic band. Atomic chicken as well are fantastic, the news too. it depends what type of music you want. ive worked around hotels & wedding functions in the past and these 3 are IMO the best around at a reasonable rate. i think atomic chicken could be around 1100 or so.
bbbride Posts: 664
I booked final touch, they are €1400. Atomic Chicken arent a typical wedding band, they are great fun, just depends what you are looking for. Mad Hatters are great too.
montagne Posts: 1849
I was at a wedding in the Castle Oaks where the News were the entertainment. To be honest, they weren't great. The biggest complaint is that they were just too loud. The bride and groom asked them to turn down their speakers and they didnt.
redwifey Posts: 2932
I have booked the Lollygaggers (I think for weddings they go by the name of final touch though) and they are excellent. Costing 1400 for the night and then they can organise a DJ for 250 afterwards.
lisa Posts: 1612
We had 'Keep in touch'. They really were fantastic. They are great to get crowd going without too much cheese. Because its a male and female vocalist they sing together and separate so it gives some real variety. Thye do a great mix of old and new and all the in between!!! Honestly cant praise them enough. Even my dad didnt come off the floor and he never dances!!!!!!!!!!!
Heebie Jeebies Posts: 608
We're having Mad Hatters in October and they cost €1, well spent IMO, they're excellent