Bands in Mayo for July 2008

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Mayo chick! Posts: 1
Can anyone recommend a really good band for my wedding next year in Wesport. Have heard that Wavelength are very good but they're booked out for our date :o( Don't mind spending extra money for a really good band. Can anyone help???
ndarley Posts: 28
We have booked Legacy,, they have good reviews and are from Castlebar, I can let you know more in 1month & 1day! We also looked at Eclipse, and Concord at they are all based in Mayo, Best of luck with chosing one
Eclipse Music Posts: 46
Hi, Following enquiries after this last post, can we just clarify that we are not a Mayo based band....not even sure where that came from. We are a Dublin/Meath based band. Thanks Eclipse/Abba Vous
Augbride08 Posts: 158
Hi Mayochick Have you heard of Concord? they are from somewhere around castlebar. I am going to see them on 6th Oct in Carrickonshannon. They are playing there. they seem to have a great reputation. We are also going to see la bamba who are also supposed to be great. We were in Sligo last weekend to see Busy Fingers. they played at a wedding there and they were fantastic. We danced away at the wedding knowing nobody. I got there numbers from this website. Hope this helps.
mar09 Posts: 469
Of all the bands we went to see before booking one, we narrowed it down to 2 and they were Legacy (lead singer has a fab voice, really impressed with them) and The weightless astronauts. We went with the Weightless Astronauts in the end. Just thought they were brill, very lively and had dance floor packed the whole time we were there. They could be booked already though for July 2008 so if i were you i'd get moving! Other bands we went to see were Silkwood (defo would have been 3rd choice), raindance, wavelength and Horizon. Face Value and Pyramid are supposed to be very good too but didn't get to hear either. Hope this helps!
Cloud Nine B2b Posts: 219
We've booked Raindance from Galway (but will travel to Mayo) for August 08. Have seen them live and they're great! :o)ll
happyday Posts: 21
Hi Mayo Chick, My Fiance and I are getting married in Mayo next April, we live in the uk but were in Ireland last weekend and went to see the weightless astronauts at a wedding in the Galway bay hotel......we were very impressed and booked them for our wedding. We liked the fact that they are a young band but also cater for the older crowd too. :o)ll