Banking Your Baby's Umbilical Cord Blood??

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Christmas B Posts: 6191
[color=indigo:2u3bgvpa]So what's the story with this?? Everywhere I seem to read lately I'm seeing this topic!! I don't know much about it and don't know whether to look into it further or not. This is what it says: [u:2u3bgvpa]Top Reasons to Save Your Baby's Cord Blood[/u:2u3bgvpa]: To protect your family: By banking your baby's umbilical cord blood, which is rich in stem cells, you can help protect the health of your child and other family members. To benefit from current and future treatments: Nearly 70 diseases are already being treated today with cord blood stem cells. Tomorrow, countless more. To help secure the best treatment option: Using cord blood from a relative can double survival rates versus using cord blood from an unrelated donor. To take advantage of the one chance: Birth is the only opportunity to collect your baby's genetically unique cord blood.[/color:2u3bgvpa]
Miss X Posts: 1415
I'm looking into it at the moment too, its fairly new and while there's a limited amount they can do with the stem cells at the moment the theory is that in years to come they'll have developed cures for certain cancers that will require stem cells. I suppose its like an insurance policy, medicare are the only irish provider that I've come accross but the stem cells would be stored in the UK. Not all Hospitals will accomodate it either, ours will, but its our resonsibility we've to bring the kit, the midwife will take the blood from the cord while its still attached and give DH the sample he would then have to call medicare's courier and arrange collection the next day. Can't decide what to do, it ain't cheap, but then if something were to happen in the future that needed stem cells....... I've asked both the obs and the midwife their opinion and they seem to think that its a good idea if this is an only child, as it would be invaluable should he/she have a life threatening illness, that could be treated with stem cells, and in the absence of a sibling it would be difficult to find a match. Anyone know anyone who's done this?
MrsOBrien1412 Posts: 3971
[quote="Miss X":2fiqxv9t] Anyone know anyone who's done this?[/quote:2fiqxv9t] The only "people" I know who did this is Prince Filippe of Spain and his wife they did it on both their babies the first one they sent to the US and the second on is in Spain That was probably a useless bit of info
Christmas B Posts: 6191
[color=indigo:3s2ibq2t]Miss X, that's so interesting!!! I'll talk to our doctor!! Doesn't it totally make sense as well though!! I mean when you think of the things they couldn't do 30 years ago and now they can, God only know what they'll be able to achieve in 30+ years time too!! Ok, I'm going to look into it further now, thanks hun!!! I need to check out this Medicare company!! How do you mean not all hospitals will not accommodate it? Do you mean store it or allow you to do it? I'm in Holles Street, are you there too seeing as your hospital allow it??[/color:3s2ibq2t]
round two Posts: 1018
I have also been looking into this and have spoken to two compnaies in the UK in relation to this. They store the stem cells for a min of 25 years and it is an insurance that if god forbid somehting happened your child and their own stem cells can help then you have them. Both companies that I spoke to also have phlebotomists (sorry spelling) in ireland that will actually come to the hospital when called with a few hours and remove the blood and get it to the uk. It costs between 1400 and 2000 to get this service. There was a conference about this in Galway in early march but I missed it and there was a lady there who was the first person in ireland to have her childs stem cells saved and she had her baby in Mount Carmel. I have an appointment with my Gynae in 4 weeks time and I intend bringing this up with him. Alot of gynaes in ireland are not on for this as they think that it is too expensive and it is playing on a new parents emotions and that the likelyhood of using the stem cells is so limited that it is a waste of money, but still if there is a chance that your forethinking can save your child years down the line i think it is worth it.
MrsOBrien1412 Posts: 3971
Found this link have a look at this site, it might be of some use :wv
Miss X Posts: 1415
I'm going to Mount Carmel, when I asked the midwife in the hosp she said they do a few a week, that its something they're seeing more and more of and it only takes a few seconds so they've no problem doing it. However when it was brought up at the antenatal class alot of couples were complaining that their hospital point blank refused to accomodate it. Not sure what hospital they were referring to, so its worth checking before ordering the kit. I've ordered an information pack from medicare so that should have prices etc, my doctor reckoned they charged around €1500, so the ones you mention Hope would appear to be better value, however both the midwife and doctor spoke of taking the blood while the cord is still attached, obviously that wouldn't be the case if an external person was going to take the sample. Yet another question to raise!
chilledout Posts: 834
I actually work in the area of cord blood collection, but we only do it for directed family donations. I didn't get my babies cord blood stored as I feel its a waste of money. The chances of needing to use it are tiny (unless of course you have a sick child already) and a lot of the companies promoting it use marketing strategies that make you feel bad if you don't store your baby's cord blood. They also do not give you all the information you need to make a decision whether to store the cord blood or not. If you really want to read up on it have a look at this Particularly page three "Autologous or family storage (Private Cord Blood Banking)" and "Likelihood of using autologous cord blood unit today" The EU, American Academy of Pediatrics and the American College of Obs and Gynes all DO NOT recommend this type of cord blood collection. Many of these companies fail to tell you the difference between cord blood stem cells and embryonic stem cells. Research in to the embryonic stem cells may lead to cures for various diseases, but at the moment cord blood stem cells can only be used to treat certain leukamias and metabolic disorders. Some of these diseases are present in the cord blood so cannot be used to cure the baby they were taken from. Only cord blood from a healthy baby can be used to treat a matched patient. On the positive side, you never know what the future hold for cord blood cells and there is the tiny chance you child could need the cells. If you're willing to spend €2K on it then go ahead as it doesn't harm the baby in any way. Personally I'm spending the money on a really good car seat and other safety equipment as your child is far more likely to die or be injured in an accident that because I didn't store the cord blood. If you do decide to do it, at least educate yourself to what you are getting. If you've any questions about it feel free to PM me. That policy statement seems clear enough to me but then I know what all the abbreviations mean!
Tedsters Posts: 1688
golly chilledout, that brilliant info and thanks. Was wondering about this also and really appreciate your balanced view on this. I think it is brilliant what medical science can do nowadays however need to keep things realisic too.