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Mcfee Posts: 3
[quote="coldpants":3cosxanw][quote="Mcfee":3cosxanw][quote="Doll Face":3cosxanw]Me thinks shes trying to get a rise out of you !!![/quote:3cosxanw] what a challenge!!![/quote:3cosxanw] :yelrotflmaosmilie: :yelrotflmaosmilie: :yelrotflmaosmilie: Another new user! Welcome :wv[/quote:3cosxanw] thanks, have been reading your bad ass posts for a while and itching to post. Do ye freak out people will figure out who ye are tho??
emlo Posts: 1506
[quote="BlossomHill":1u2keb5p][quote="CherrieChapstick":1u2keb5p]Just an observation, not trying to start a row here[/quote:1u2keb5p] Are you sure of that CherrieChapstick?[/quote:1u2keb5p] CherrieChapstick gave her opinion in a calm, well written post. Is she not entitled to give her opinion on the matter without being accused of sh*t stirring? For the record, I don't think hotpants should've been banned either.
coldpants Posts: 57
[quote="Mcfee] [u:1zzukdnf][b:1zzukdnf]Do ye freak out people will figure out who ye are tho??[/b:1zzukdnf][/u:1zzukdnf][/quote] Sorry i don't get you?
Mcfee Posts: 3
[quote="coldpants":3bludq1g][quote="Mcfee] [u:3bludq1g][b:3bludq1g]Do ye freak out people will figure out who ye are tho??[/b:3bludq1g][/u:3bludq1g][/quote] Sorry i don't get you?[/quote][/quote][/quote:3bludq1g] Sorry not very clear. I meant, do you worry that people will be able to figure out who you are in real life? The girls in work are mad into this site and are convinved they know a couple of girls.
coldpants Posts: 57
Why would i worry? It doesn't concern me. I don't post pics or personal info so its unlikely. I have spotted a couple of girls i know through work and home and tbh it doesn't make much odds to me. One girl did post something about her family which was news to me but aside from that i wouldn't really care!
AnthonyHutton Posts: 2235
i got banned for less... i cant even remember what i said
*Lexi* Posts: 2600
HOLY F UCK !!!!!!!!!!! Come on now lads and lassies -are we not all adults here?????????? Its like being back in the schoolyard sometimes-Boo hoo someone disagrees with me and has the balls to say it so im going to run to admin and tell O:| O:| Grow up FFS Coldpants welcome back :wv
coldpants Posts: 57
[quote="*Lexi*":17axd30s]Coldpants welcome back :wv[/quote:17axd30s] Thanks!!
jamjars Posts: 1721
Lol... it's hilarious to see all the old school wollies coming back on because of the ridiculousness of it all. Like moths to a flame... it's impossible to stay away from this much controversy!! :o0
AnthonyHutton Posts: 2235
that thread just descends into shte anyway moan moan moan