Bar Extension - advice please

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Here\'s Hopin\' Posts: 19
Moring Ladies, I'm hoping that you might be able to help me: would anybody know of a web site where I can look up some legal info on applying for bar extensions through the hotel for our wedding. I read through another thread here that extensions can only be applied for a month before it is required, but I was hoping to find this in some sort of legal document. Thanks a mill for you help O:o)
Toblerone Posts: 2698
hi there, i think what you are looking for is the Liquor Licensing Act 2003 - part 3 section 11. There is also some mentions in the new 2008 act but i don't think they really apply. meant to add also they can be applied for a week, fortnight or month in advance. HTH :wv
NY07 Posts: 90
Hiya I reckon you try hold the hotel to whatever you agreed with in the first place when you booked? its worth a try anyway! they are making enough money from having the bar open :wv
Here\'s Hopin\' Posts: 19
Thanks so much for your help Ladies. :thnk Really appreciate it :wv