bar extensions - what should I expect?

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missclairee Posts: 16
I like my beauty sleep as much as the next girl of course, but has any one else found the bar extension situation a bit stingy in their venues of choice? I've lived in the UK for a few years so have been to more English than Irish weddings recently, and weddings here finish at midnight-sharp (no small part of my reason for ruling out getting married over here - imagining the horror of my Irish rellies and friends)! The weddings I [i:2d8u9iqr]have[/i:2d8u9iqr] been to in Ireland have had music and bar till at least 2.30 if not later. BUT so far lots of the venues we've spoken to have offered an 'extension' till 1.30, with half an hour's drinking up time, and I don't know how if residents bars can be counted on to stay open. Is this negotiable or to be accepted or am I looking in the wrong places?
Wedding Entertainment Posts: 135
Station House Hotel. Killashee House Hotel Waterside House Hotel Try these if they are in the region you are planning to have your reception. If not name.your County and we can name a few other Venues that may suit.
missclairee Posts: 16
Hi wedding ents - they're in the right area (Wicklow/Dublin/Kildare), but for various reasons have ruled all three out already (picky I know) so if you know of anymore I'd be delighted to hear. Thanks a million!
GreenerPastures Posts: 7284
My venue has assured me they will keep the bar open as long as needed (within reason).. Now when it came to confirming everything and signing the contrcat they have it down as closing at 1:30. I queried this and again was told it'll be fine. I get the feeling it's a legality issue with my venue i.e. even for residents I don't think they can serve 24/7. I'm sure it'll all be grand, as long as they don't stop at 10:30 it's not the end of the world. :o0
mandibee Posts: 305
Hi! We're getting married on a Sat so our bar extention is until 1.30am & music finishes at 2. The residents bar is open then (in the bar not function room) until late! I get the impression, as i have been at a few weddings in the hotel, that once everyone is "behaving themselves" and not being rowdy - they will keep res bar open
mandibee Posts: 305
double post!!