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lollypopwife Posts: 836
Hi everybody! I know this has been discussed many times but the posts look too old for me to start pm'ing people so any help would be appreciated! We are looking at BBC and our numbers would be 85-95. I'm really concerned about the room shape ruining the atmosphere! I think the plan would be to have the top table at the T junction and have all tables in front of us - thats fine, but i'm worried that once we clear this area for the dancing O-O that people will congregate in the long hall in front of the bar - i'm planning on having the chairs removed from this hall to make them stand if they insist on hanging around here, which would hopfully push them towards seating at the T junction, fireplace and a few on the dance area. Any opinions? Anybody have a similar size wedding here, what did you do? Did the atmosphere work ok? I love BBC but that wouldn't matter a hoot if the atmosphere flops on the night - thats my worst nightmare! :o( Thanks!! :thnk
ohsotired Posts: 7071
Hi - we got married in Barberstown last year. Room layout is perfect - atmosphere was great so I wouldn't worry about it at all! PM me if you want!
Delphinium Posts: 3027
My brother's wedding was in Barberstown with similar numbers to yours and there was no such issue. People will go out to the hallway for a break and a chat same as they would wander to the lobby area of any other hotel but they did not congregate there. The top table was U-shaped at the top of the room (to the left of the door as walk into the banquet hall. All the tables at around the sides of the room were left there and people tended to settle at the tables. Same as they do at any wedding. In fact, you have more chance in Barberstown of people staying in your reception room than in other hotels because you have to go outside to get into the main building! I really wouldn't worry about it at all. Our family found Barberstown to be a terrific and professionally run venue. My advice would be to trust them and let them do their job and relieve yourself of unnecessary worry! I know it's all too easy to be anxious about things like this but you really have nothing to worry about. Enjoy your day!
lollypopwife Posts: 836
hey there! Sorry for the delay in getting back to ye,i do appreciate the feedback, i just haven't been on WOL in a few days, was flat out busy with my best bud's hen! O-O Thanks for the advice! and ohsotired your pm is much appreciated and your pics are fab, such a lovey family feel to them and BBC looks gorgeous. For sure its a fab place, I still can't lose those niggling doubts which i'm finding hard because its top end of our budget and i'd like to be 100% if we are splashing out! But its sooooo romantic, no doubt about it! Its just I'm afraid of having small numbers to start, out absolute best case, with 100% rsvp is 100 people. But i'll def take on board what you girls said, plus we've a bit of time yet, the church is booked for 2013! :hyper:
cabbagehead Posts: 3899
We visited BBC before we chose our venue, I thought it was lovely but it didn't float OH's boat, so we didn't end up booking it. Anyway, just wanted to say that, at our visit, the lady showing us around said they don't tend to have chairs down in that area, to make sure that people don't get "siphoned off" down into that area. So you won't have to worry I'd say. Have a wonderful time!