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Jawl Posts: 8881
Just been to my local florist (Cork area), which I use quite regularly for bouquets/deliveries etc. She is really fab, and she did a friends wedding last year, so I knew her weddings work was quite good too. I've just been given a quote and even if I go with the dearest options, my flowers are going to cost me €440!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :o)ll That's a large rose bridal bouquet, 3 BM bouquets, button holes for h2b, best man, 2 groomsmen and the 2 page boys, corsage for my mother and a presentation boxed bouquet. Anything decorative I wanted added like feathers, diamantes, pearls, or extra foliage etc will be included in the original price. She's doing a special at the moment whereby if you book this year she's offering the following complimentary....... Choice of either 2 bary, cone or topiary trees 2 Wedding service chairs, covers and sashes and floral tiebacks A choice of assorted Unity Candle stands 3 tapered candles with added detail of wedding colours 20 Tabernacle Tea lights in glass holders 5 Bridal Party Car Ribbons to match your colour scheme. I am so pleased with it, I booked it there and then. I am meeting her next week to look at photos etc. But from here on in, I'll be checking out flower in all the mags. Sooooooooooo happy!!! Some of the things I had budgeted for wrong, as not having been married before I didn't know, but got a great deal on photography and flowers and video, so now it's evened up and I'm thrilled with my bargains.
von2008 Posts: 207
That sounds wonderful! I'm getting married in Mallow so sounds perfect! Can you pm me her details please? thx von x
makeupaddict Posts: 592
I got quoted 333 for the basics like the bouquets (rose bouquet bride, 2 bm, fg basket, corsages for moms, buttonholes for men from Shandon Flowers so i think thats good too. Then its extra for all the arrangements (front of alter, back alter, pedastles, church windows etc.. Surely the 444 isnt for flowers in the church though is it? If so, then DEFINITELY post her details!
MoonBride Posts: 196
Jawl, :o)ll Can you also pm me your florists details as i'm in the cork area too.. sounds like a great deal. thank you in advance x