Barking Dogs

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Rainbow Brite 2008 Posts: 147
Hey I'm staying at home with my parents for a few nights as h2b is away. Anyhow the problem is at night when I go to bed there are two dogs constantly barking at each other outside (neighbours dogs). It goes on all night not just for a while, my dad gave me a pair of ear plugs and it helped but I could still slightly hear them barking. I was up half the night like a lunatic. My parents said these two dogs bark all night every night.... Is there something that can be done or do they just have to put up with it?
looey Posts: 624
I got fab earplugs off ebay ... 286.c0.m14
nearlythere07 Posts: 145
I would mention it to neighbour first and if they take no notice report them What can I do about barking dogs? Excessive barking which causes a nuisance to any person is an offence. In a good-neighbourly manner, let the dog’s owner know how the barking affects you. They may not have realised what was happening. If that approach fails, a complaint about excessive barking should be made to the District Court. To do this, you must first inform the dog owner in writing using a prescribed form, which can be obtained from your local authority.