Baskets for BM gifts! where ye get yours!!! please help!!!

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MrsGG2010 Posts: 494
Hi putting together these for my mum and BM but cannot find baskets its could be fancy box either! can anybody help thanks :-8
MiniMeonBoard Posts: 6208
Hi I would be interested in this 2 - hoping to do baskets for my Bm also Sorry for jumping in on yourp post :-8 A.m
MacsFlowers Posts: 90
you should be able to get Baskets and Cellophane and also bows from your florist, I am sure that if you tell them that you are making hampers they will be happy to help, sometimes you can also pick up baskets or boxes in Charity Shops or discount stores, There were also some nice boxes in Dunnes Stores and pennys throughout the Summer, If you are not getting married untill next summer, try any of the big stores around Mothers day as they usually have some in stock, Maureen [url:1a806gde][/url:1a806gde] [url:1a806gde][/url:1a806gde]
SilverGirl Posts: 1517
Try .. they have some nice baskets
MrsGG2010 Posts: 494
no probs at all. We all need help!! I cant find any at all have tried department stores but no joy!!! :wv
MrsGG2010 Posts: 494
checked out ones on hampershop but they in excess of 25 sterling and have lids on them! will get onto florists next thanks, any more suggestions keep them coming!!!! Thanks :-8
mkb Posts: 1744
dunnes have a set of 3 basketst (small, medium, large) for 15 euro. If not there Ikea have some lovely ones with handles on them for 8 euro as you. they are on the bottom floor as you are walking out into the collection point for the the furniture and tills. hth
MrsGG2010 Posts: 494
reeally they sound ideal must go back in and have a look thank you O-O