bathroom basket sign

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fontenay Posts: 186
hi ladies - anyone got any ideas for a cute rhyme/poem for a sign on the bathroom baskets???
Bootsie Posts: 448
can I ask what you are putting in yours?
LadyLizzie Posts: 1724
We are just putting a sign saying "Compliments of the newlyweds" but some poems that have been put up on WOL previously include: So happy you're here to share in our special day, but should something happen to go astray. Please help yourself to the contents within, Wet wipe, hand lotion, and even aspirin, Use only what you need and leave the rest, It may also be useful to another guest, So repair the damage that may have been done, Then hurry on back and join in the fun! To help you feel your best! Just use a little... Freshen up.... and leave for other guests Whether your skin feels dry or your hair out of place. You're not feeling so fresh, or whatever the case. We've put together a basket to help you along. Now hurry back out before you miss the next song! We're putting in the likes of hairpsray, hairpins, safety pins, deodorant, mouthwash, mints, nail file, hairbrush, comb, handcream,, plasters etc. Smaller basket for the men, much lower maintenance! We also have a basket of flip flops to go out on the dancefloor later.
barbiebride2014 Posts: 90
Here's three small ones I have :) 1. If your skin feels dry, your hair out of place, Your throat is parched, or whatever the case. We’ve put this together to help you along, Now get yourself out there before the next song! 2.So happy you’re here on our special day, But should something happen to go astray Please help yourself to the contents within, Hairspray, hand lotion, and aspirin. Use what you need and leave the rest It may be useful to another guest. So repair the damage that may have been done, Then hurry on back and join in the fun! 3. Here is a basket for all of our guests, To make sure everyone feels their best! The hairspray will help hold your hair in place, The bobby pins to keep your hair out of your face. If you break a nail, don’t worry! There’s a file and some glue, It can also fix a broken heel on a shoe! The polish will stop that darn run in your hose, Use the tissues to stop a runny nose! We hope that you’ll find what you’re looking for. Take a mint and now go hit the dance floor! :heartbeat: :heartbeat:
Bluebellbride Posts: 610
I only had flip flops in mine so I said simply 'A Little Treat for your Dancing Feet -Feel Free to Take a Pair'. We just put them into frames that matched the theme and said at the bottom 'Compliments of ___ and ___' and then added the date. You could also say 'If Your Feet are Tired and Sore, Grab a Pair and Dance Some More!'. The ones above are perfect for the other baskets.
atina Posts: 2240
I just had flip flops too so i just did a little sign saying when your feet get tired dont sit down take a pair of flip flops and boogie on down!