Bathroom baskets-where to buy?

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bales Posts: 574
Have looked in a few places but have seen nothing.Looked in pennys,heatons,dunnes.Im not great to by online so was just wondering where you got yours.Pictures would be great!Dont want this to be a big expense. :wv
flor Posts: 1621
hi bales, did you have something specific in mind? i saw the regular, lined, wicker shelf baskets (about 12' x 8', & 8' depth) in dunnes about 2 days ago.
bales Posts: 574
I must have a look again so thanks. I was hoping for something flat and rectangular so people could see what was in it rather than a built up one.
winter2012bride Posts: 172
TK max is a good spot for these baskets and also woddies or atlantic homecare.
princessbride2012 Posts: 77
Your venue might also have bathroom baskets left over from other weddings? I bought my own in Dunnes and then found out they have loads I could have chosen from at our wedding venue from previous brides not bothering to bring them home with them! Might be worth checking?
AwkwardAnnie Posts: 2191
Wow!! Some fabulous ideas there - never even thought of the fancier boxes or trays!!
bales Posts: 574
Me neither!We should be thinking outside the box or the basket!!! :o0
mrslofty Posts: 164
There is a new shop in Omni shopping centre, Santry (i think its called Tiger)?? There had a range of nice wicker baskets! I don't know where you are based but I could pick them up if you wanted!!! From the west so will be up and down the road! this is the website! Check them out!
Bridester Posts: 920
Girls going off topic here but why do people put the baby powder in the bathroom baskets? I've seen it on a few lists - but I don't understand why....
Dimples11 Posts: 111
I saw some nice ones in Ikea the other day if you are looking for the baskets. Alternatively, they do have lovely boxes in dunnes at the minute - really girly and some vintage ones