Bear's birth story

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Bear Posts: 671
Hi all, I'm back, after coming out the other side as a mammy. I woke up on Friday morning (my due date) with mild contractions every 15 mins. This went on from 6 til about 9. Had a bit of diahorrea too so thought 'this is definately it'. Contractions kinda stopped and were coming and going all day, maybe every half hour, then none for 2 hours. By about 5 or 6 they were coming every half hour. By about 8 it was every 7 mins so we decided to head to the hospital. By the time we got in, checked in etc it was 10.30 before I was examined and was 3 cms so they broke my waters. Things really started moving then. The midwife told me that it is usual to progress at about 1cm per hour so I expected to be there for nost of the night. By now the contractions were coming thick and fast with no break in between. I had hoped to go as naturally as possible but could not put the gas out of my hand as I was not coping at all. I asked for the epidural. I think it was about 12 at this stage so they examined me again at 12.30 before giving me the epidural and I was 6 cms. The epidural went in and I kept waiting and waiting for it to work but to no avail. They then gave me a spinal block which only worked on one side. The midwife realised after a while that I really needed more so she asked me if I could wait half an hour til 2.30 when I was due to be examined again just to make sure that I hadn't progressed too close to 10 cms. I couldn't wait so was examined there and then and I was 10 cms. All I could say was 'does that mean you won't give me any more pain relief?' I started pushing and 20 mins later baby Anna was born at 2.30 and weighed 7lbs 10 oz. She is absolutely beautiful and soooo perfect. We brought her home yesterday and I've forgotten all about the pain already, I would go through it again tomorrow. The labour was tough but short so I can't complain. Sorry for being so long winded.
MummyLuv Posts: 2478
Congrats hun thats great news well done and welcome to little Anna :o)ll :o)ll
Purple Tulip Posts: 3442
congrats on the new arrival...enjoy every minute they are so precious :lvs
baby-bel Posts: 929
congrats :o)ll , Anna is a lively name! Gosh Ive never heard of the epi not working :eek :eek :eek well done to you O-O
under construction Posts: 3458
Congratulations to you and DH, and well done to you !!! A big welcome to little Anna, thanks for sharing you story
Bear Posts: 671
Thanks for all the replies girls. We are on cloud nine at the mo. Forgot to say I had a labour session with a reflexologist the day before I went into labour, so maybe that helped.
Lemon8 Posts: 367
Congratulations Bear! Enjoy your new baby girl. :o)ll
swissgirl Posts: 2301
Congratulations - great birth story! Well done Anna for showing up on time as well! :o0
mama2E Posts: 670
Rocky Posts: 465
Congratulations :) love the name, we called our little girl Anna too cheer, Rocky :wv