Beaufield Mews - Thoughts ??

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ciava Posts: 116
I cant find any recent threads on beaufield mews stillorgan so tell me what you think and can you recommend the place for a small wedding Thanks
wifeyttc Posts: 2507
I was there last year for my mams birthday we brought here there for dinner.The food was fab.I never realised they did weddings.nice garden to the rear of it. :lvs
Twinkle toe Posts: 1025
Went there for valentines last year and :lvs it. The staff are truly wonderful & knowledgeable. If I was getting married in Dublin it would be a real contender O-O
ciava Posts: 116
Thanks for that - I would be looking at november/december which might be cold but lovely too keep them coming :-)
heidibridie12 Posts: 44
Hi Ciava, I loved the menus and packages at BM, but I felt the main room downstairs really let it down for a wedding. If you are below 65 in numbers I think you can use the upstairs space and that is supposed to be really nice. The food is great and the staff (and wedding coordinator) are lovely. It's such a pity about the room, that was the deal-breaker for me. I hope it works out for you! *)
Cassiopeia Posts: 222
We considered it and think it's a great venue for a summer wedding cause of the amazing garden, but were getting married in January and think the garden might be wasted on us at that time of the year. I'd say the food is great there... Menus sounded yum! I think well definitely go back there if we were having a family party in the future.
mollysmum Posts: 17
We had a family wedding there in February. Food was amazing and lots and lots of it. Bride (who would be a stickler for such things) said that they were just lovely to her from start to finish of the planning....very thoughtful etc. Weather was freezing on the day of the wedding but people still hung out in the garden and there are lovely spots in the entrance etc for photo's. Their day ended quite early (12.30 ish but not sure if they just didnt opt for bar extension. I think they only thing that let it down was that there was v little space because of their numbers. Other than that it was amazeballs :)
ciava Posts: 116
Thanks all fort eh great feedback - its not a contender anymore as there is no bar extension so last drinks 12.30 and music has to stop at 12am and you have to be gone at 1.30 and because there is no accomdation it would be just over but thanks a mil Ciava
Shazl Posts: 357
we checked it out in 2010 for ours and loved the place, thouthg the staff were lovely and loved those gardens. unfortunately they didn't have our date available.
riana Posts: 80
Sorry to hop on your thread, but I was wondering about Beaufield Mews. We've a year to go and we've been let down by another venue so could any Beaufield Mews brides please PM me? I'd be so grateful for any advice or pointers!