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futuremrskelly Posts: 220
Hi all, I am in a bit of a predicament! One of my good friends is a beautician - a good one at that. We were talking over the weekend and she asked me what the date of my wedding is. She wanted to make sure she booked herself out the day before, of and after the wedding. I'm not 100% sure but I think she meant that she would have her appointment book available so that I could make bookings. She also offered to do my wedding makeup but made it quiet clear it was only if I wanted her to! thing s she used to have a salon about 25miles from where I used to live so I used to go to her to have treatments done. I moved away and her salon was about 40 miles away. i found a beautician who is equally as good as my friend. I mentioned to her about my make up before my friend offered and she was very excited about it all, going into details about nails, tan the lot. Now I don't know what to do..have my friend do the BM's and my mam, or have her do mine or vice versa. H2B advised me to let them both do something.... Any advice? S.
lynchswife Posts: 81
It all comes down to money really! Is your friend offering to do the treatments as your wedding gift? If so go for her! If its not free and she has just presumed you'd book it with her and pay her but you would prefer your new beautician just explain to your friend that you wont have time to do an 80 mile round trip for treatments (tan, nails etc) as the lead-up to the big day is going to be way too busy. However i wouldn't be worried about cancelling your new beautician if you do decide to go with your friend. Im sure she would understand that your friend offered it as a wedding gift and you'd be mad not to take it. You could use the money you save on something else you really wanted but couldnt afford previously!
MsC2be Posts: 32
Hey, I'd double check with your friend exactly what she meant as she probably wanted to know the dates so she wouldn't book her own clients in and be able to get ready for your big day herself. Alot of the beauty stuff like waxing and nails would be done earlier in the week so it prob wouldn't be practical to use your friend if it's a long drive. Maybe ask her opinion on the time frame to get stuff done before the wedding and you'll know by her answer. ☺
MissFizz Posts: 71
My mam's hairdresser is her friend and neighbour and did my hair when I lived at home. I didn't want her to do my wedding hair so I said to her that as she is a guest at the wedding I wouldn't dream of having her work on the day and want her to have a relaxing day etc. etc. and she was fine with that.