beautiful ruins for our photos- permission

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monkeybear Posts: 1926
so we found the most beautiful ruins where we would love to have our photos taken, It has a small gate the isnt locked where people on foot can enter and another double gate that has a lock on it (i think so people dont drive in and 'inhabit' the place So heres the thing does anyone know where we would get permission for taking pictures, or do we need to since it seems to have public access with the unlocked gate, Il try put some pics up soon, its a ruin of a church and has really old grave stones [/img]
monkeybear Posts: 1926
she Posts: 3298
feck that, i'd just go and take the pictures, or else go up on an average day and see is there a caretaker and ask him.....otherwise go for it, if the gate is always open i doubt anyone would say anything.........or go and ask the local garda station
monkeybear Posts: 1926
[img:2w0ykw1d][/img:2w0ykw1d] [img:2w0ykw1d][/img:2w0ykw1d] [img:2w0ykw1d][/img:2w0ykw1d] [img:2w0ykw1d][/img:2w0ykw1d] [img:2w0ykw1d][/img:2w0ykw1d] Just figured out how to put these pics up, I love this place
ohholymoley Posts: 2150
I would say ask permission...its better to be safe than sorry, especially if you have your heart set on it. I had to ask permission for the place we want our photos taken , but they were lovely to deal with . Good luck hun!! :wv
she Posts: 3298
the photos are lovely hun, it looks beautiful there
Anonymous Posts: 24542
Hi, I would call the local office of public works and see if you need permission just in case? just to be sure
monkeybear Posts: 1926
Yeah i think id be ragin if we turned up on the day and it was all locked up! The area is a bit remote, so not sure where i would need to get permission from, might have to start knocking on doors!
Linda H Posts: 1151
I would get permission to avoid dissappointment, on the other hand for some reason that they would say no, I so would chance sneaking in there for a few neaky snaps. Good Luck with it!
Belleboo Posts: 924
Contact the local town or county council maybe or like you say knock on doors - could be private property!