beauty regimes comin up to the wedding.

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Dezy26ni Posts: 321
Apologies if there is already a recent thread on this I was just reading the microdermabrasion thread and thought id ask ya gurls your beauty regime coming up to the wedding. I average yearly beauty rountine is hair dye 4 -5 times, eye package (tint, wax) once a month, and a tan and wax before I go out for a nite on the tiles. I am aware I need to step it up a bit coming up to the big day - both at home and getting it done professionally. I am paying for my teeth to be bleached so thats a start. Whats everyone's doing? going to do? d :xxs
Ficidy Posts: 1753
Am thinking of getting the endermologie treatment for cellulite (not that any of that part of my body will be on show except to H2B, but if there's any time I'm going to do it it might as well be now!). Have also considered the teeth bleaching, but undecided. Gonna go for more regular pedicures as feet in a bit of a mess at the mo. Want to lose about a stone and tone up..... Janey Mac I'm not asking for much, am I?!! :ooh
Mrs Boop Posts: 828
Good thread Dezy. It's hard to know what to do coming up to the Big day, I think it depends how long u've got left. Everyone says start new regime at least 6mths before. I've 4 mths left and I'm afraid to start anything different in case my sensitive skin reacts badly. Well I've started using Dermalogica products about 10 mths beforehand, TBH I haven't noticed any huge improvement but I was watching Wedding Breakfast this mornin on Wedding TV, and the skin care expert was saying it can take a while for ur skin to respond, I'm hoping that's what's going on with me! I've also won some Gauiteau skin renewal masks worth €120 a few mths ago, which I though wud be great to use 1 mth b4 the wedding but I afraid to use them now. :eek
Dezy26ni Posts: 321
I know how you feel about trying new things. I cant seem to find a suitable tan - i might just use dove tinted moisturiser - the stuff I use every couple of days. I need to start moisturising full stop I am so lazy with it.
bangel Posts: 2285
I'm awful at any kind of regime, so I'm just keeping being just me. Don't even think I'm getting a tan for the day. I'm naturally blonde and have never dyed my hair so won't even do that. I do however want to lost about a stone...
ScarlettoHara Posts: 8442
I have started using Dermalogica products and will go for monthly facials. Hope it will work wonders for me!
monkeybear Posts: 1926
my hair dresser said that with stress your hair can become dry ? she said cod liver oils tablets were great for that
PixieMom Posts: 838
Using Dermalogica for about a year now, found my skin improved greatly. Have stepped my facials up to every 6 wks on recommendation of my beautician. Also yesterday she told me to start taking evening primrose supplements and am taking a Berocca every morning at work!!! Growing my hair too - it's driving me fecking nuts at the moment so I'm going in for a trim next week!!!
mooky Posts: 1501
i started the dermalogica facials about 3 months ago, and have started using their products.. love them.. i've stepped things up at the gym, but watching what I eat has been a disaster... thinking about the teeth whitening.... have started sunbeds (bad I know, but I dont trust fake tan)... will manicure/pedicure closer to the big day.. thats about it for me.
mrssirfoxie Posts: 379
I seriously am not going to do anything coming up to the big day just carry on my normal every day routine, I am 38yrs old next week and i have never sat in a beauticians chair in my life or used moisturisers,cleansers or toners on my skin, my make up bag consists of 1 foundation,1 concealer,1 eyeliner 2 lipsticka and 1 mascara and thats it i never use anything else. Lucky for me i can still pass for someone 10yrs younger, I think i would be terrified to try anything new my face is so sensitive i would worry anything would go wrong.