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babybliss Posts: 437
I think I have finally realized that I need start getting ready for this baby ! So far we have only bought the bacis items of clothing and the pram & cot bed which won’t be delivered until end of April. Anyway, I decided that I will get some bedding for the baby this week, but unsure what to get. So, how many sheets would you buy for a cot bed and do they come in different size? I am planning to buy a crib where the baby sleeps during the might and use the carrycot / cot bed for day time naps, so I suppose I need sheets for both the crib and cot bed. Do I need anything else, I already have few cellular blankets and will look into the crobag as well…
Mrsexcited Posts: 927
hiya babybliss, i have notice that the sheets come in different sizes for the cot anyhow so i would say measure your cot , crib and carry cot maybe and have a look at them in the stores then. Smyths, mothercare do them all. i'm not sure how many to buy myself so hopefully you will get more replys on this topic. Happy shopping!! Mrs E.
neeov Posts: 4256
If you go for fitted sheets they you need specific sizes for everything. They usually come in Pram/crib size, cot size and cot bed size. The flat sheets are a bit more forgiving, you can use the bigger ones on the smaller bed, i.e. use cot bed sheets on the cot. I bought some flat sheets initially and the did not fit the cot, so I cut them up and made them into pram sheets. I bought fitted jersey sheets for the cot and they are great. Fit perfect and easy to get one and off. I got 4 because we are not finding out the babys sex so I will stock up on pink or blue after baby arrives. I am intending to use baby sleeping bags so I did not bother with top sheets. My cot mattress has a removable washable cover with a water proof membrane underneath If you mattress does not have this type of protection you should also get some mattress protectors for the cot bed. have fun shopping!!
disguise Posts: 41
This is what I have on my list (tips from various baby books): 4 stretch cotton fitted sheets (check size of your mattress first), 4 flat, smooth cotton top sheets (Unless you're using a baby sleeping bag in which case you won't need top sheets) 3 cotton cellular blankets and just FYI 6 (!!!) pram sheets. No idea why so many pram sheets but that was suggested in some book or other! Not sure I'll be buying 6 though.
hipbaby Posts: 4530
Hi this is what i had 4 mosses basket fitted sheets (white &cream) 4 cot fitted sheets - if you are starting out with a crib I would just buy the 4 cot fitted blankets and tuck them under the crib (as they will be too big) 2 grobags - 1 for in the wash and 1 to use ( and then switch for summer and winter ) winter 2.5tog: ... p-338.html summer 1.0tog ... p-458.html A lot of girls are using the baby gowns for the first few months now instead of Grobag as its easier to do the night changes and they also have sleeves.. ... =2&sort=2a Meant to add also had 3 cellular blankets and about 2 receiving blankets for when visitors came!! Both of these types of blankets are great for swaddling especially the receiving! HTH!
Emomc Posts: 2069
Happy to see this post as I dont have much got in the line of bedding (except a few blankets). My sister who has 3 kids is going to give me some stuff ans she also advised that I can use pillow covers on the downstairs cot (I am using my carry cot from the 3 in 1). Apparently these fit great. I am a bit confused about these grobags as I dont know anyone who has used them (i.e. in my immediate family), but have taken a look at a few, and I know a lot of ladies rave about them on these sites. Do you still eed blankets if you use the gro bags? Does baby wear anything else apart from the vest inside them? I note Hip Baby's advice re using gowns for the first while and I do intend to get a few of these as I feel they will be dead handy for night time changing.
hipbaby Posts: 4530
Hi EMOMC It is so confusing I know exactly what you mean!! I will try and explain it first have a look at this image of a baby in a Grobag. ... p-459.html Basically you go by the heat in your babies room if it is below I think it is 18C then you put a vest (also called a bodysuit) and a sleepsuit (also called a babygro!) on the baby. if they are too warm then remove the sleepsuit. In general in winter a 2.5tog is used with a vest and a sleepsuit and in summer a 1.0tog with a vest (short sleeve) and a sleepsuit. Is this a bit clearer?? I personally used them from about 3mths but they can be used from when baby is 10lbs
neeov Posts: 4256
My pillow cases did not fit the pram, best to check them out before baby arrives!! The mattress was too long. Otherwise they sound like a great idea instead of buying pram sheets that will only be used for a few months.
Emomc Posts: 2069
Thanks for that info Hipbaby. Would you mind giving out the code for the promo discount on your site again please :wv
hipbaby Posts: 4530
Hi there no probs just type WOL in the promotional box for a 5% discount. You also get a 10% discount on your 2nd order!