Beefsteak Dancers?

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boozybabe Posts: 32
Hi, We've booked beefsteak dancers for our wedding but have never actually heard them playing at a wedding? I heard a bad report about them last week and am beginging to panic now. Do they play something for all ages? Thanks
buzzybride Posts: 78
I've never heard of them I'm afraid - but if you are anxious, why don't you ask them can you go to see them at a wedding they are going to be playing at? You'll be paying for them afterall!!!
Groovy-Chick Posts: 2383
I have heard them on a number of occasions and I think they are fantastic! Have never heard them at a wedding, but they actually played at my uncles 80th birthday party and the floor never emptied the whole night. They catered for everyone! As OP said, if you call them up and ask them where they are next playing you could go check them out. The bad report you heard could have been anything. If you are at a wedding where the crowd arent really dancers then the floor wont be filled anyway iykwim!
cw2bmum Posts: 387
Hey, I replied to your post on northern ireland forum.
OctMammy2b Posts: 197
I heard them play at a wedding last year and thought they were very good! Played a good mix of music