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lolly55 Posts: 1
I had seen a thread here a while ago with people asking about the Beep buggy - i have found out this afternoon that there is a great version of the beep buggy coming out in sept - it will be called the beep+ and the car seat will have a surefix base!!!! :o)ll The base will be €69.95. There will be a deal price - but even at €399 for the buggy, carry cot, car seat, bag, raincover and foot muffs and hen an extra €69.95 for the base - still seems like a bargain!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
sunshine. Posts: 1387
Im totally excited about this too...... But the system that is coming out is a new one so the car seat part wont fir the new car seat base...... Im gonna wait cause its such a great price and sooooo light i love it..... Have a look at that thread again cause i know it was addeed too not so long ago..... Xxxxxxxxx
yorkie Posts: 375
I think this system looks great too. Can I ask a dumb-ass question though - what is a surefix base?? I'm confused with all the different types of car seat bases.....
vanilla icecream Posts: 2125
Bump :o)ll Girls, What sops stock the beep travel system for me to have a look?