Being induced. any point in tens?

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mammanua Posts: 96
Just wondering if there's any point in hiring a tens machine if im being induced?? wil pain be too intense for tens to work? any advice greatly appreciated. thanks :wv
whackywoman Posts: 1496
Mammanua I was induced on DD. I had a tens hired and brought it in with me. I was so glad I did. Manged to survive the whole birthing procedure with just tens and gas and air. the pains were intense but bearable and by the time I was crying for the epidural it was too late to get it, which is something to bear in mind. I would definitely hire one and am planning on hiring it again for this pregnancy. The only thing I would advise is to know how to fit it yourself as they wouldn't let DH stay with me that night and the midwife on duty was a b***h who I had to beg to put it on and then she kept saying the didn't know how to use it O:|
MrsBump Posts: 869
Hi i used tens in my labour with my dd and i got to 6cm with out any pain relief, needed gas and air and epidural in the end but have heard of plenty of people that used them wit no epi the full way thru induced labour, i found it great
sparklybabe Posts: 3353
def the tens is worth it but there are loads of different types so obv learn how it works yourself midwives cant be expected to know how all the different types work!
GentleBirth Posts: 750
Yes definitely use your TENs. The trick is to put it on and start using it an hour before you are due to be induced so you've already started to build the endorphins in your body. Induction can be very straightforward for some mums so try to focus on best case scenario rather than worst case scenario (which is what us Irish Mums do best) ;) Tracy
mammanua Posts: 96
thanks so much for replies. will give it a go. *)